Alumna of the Month: Dream Jang - South Korea

By Leo Harten, Director of Alumni, January 26, 2018

Green River was a huge stepping-stone and such an inspiration to me. Three years at Green River shaped who I am today and I can say I am not usual. It is after I started working that I realized how much Green River contributed to me. I am outstanding and excellent in what I am doing and people are impressed and ask where my confidence comes from.

          After getting my Bachelor’s degree at University of Illinois, I came back to my home country, South Korea, and started working in the field of International Cooperation Development at a university. I am carrying out government projects that assist developing countries develop and improve so they can eradicate their poverty. The Korean government, as one of DAC (Development Assistance Committee) under OECD, is entitled to officially spend a certain amount of GNP on assisting developing countries. One of main projects I am involved in is recruiting government officials from developing countries, help them get their Master’s degree at the university, and build their capacity so that they can go back to their countries and make changes themselves. Since this job requires speaking English a lot, I get to do a lot of presentations, communications, sometimes negotiations and hosting international conferences. In addition, I am writing proposals and managing international students academic performance and life. I love my job. Not only does my English proficiency play a key role, but  more importantly, my presentation skills, public speaking, leadership, ability to interact and cooperate, multicultural background, problem solving skills, etc.

          I learned these skills from classes and activities that I was involved in at Green River. I took various classes, worked in the IP office as receptionist, and was part of CLEO and also an RA at CCA during my three years stay. It was through utilizing every opportunity at Green River that I encountered many experiences and life lessons. Green River, the campus vibrant with energy, was full of opportunities and encouragement. Green River was happy to be a stepping stone for students, and I benefited a lot from it.

          Continuous distressing philosophical challenges enhanced my critical thinking skills. Discussions with instructors at office hours transformed my mindset and broadened the scope. Debating during classes on controversial topics trained tolerance. Relationships I engaged in as I participated in activities taught me how to interact with fellow human beings. There was no limit and I am still chewing on lessons I learned back then. I gained lifelong friends whom I share my life though we are living at different parts of the world at the moment. I still have friends and families to visit and stay with when I visit Seattle. It’s my second home indeed. The sincerity and embracing heart those people showed to me were inspiring. Such heavy influences at young age imprinted humanitarian value on my heart.

          Green River just stretched and expanded my inner being in an extreme level. It not only provided opportunities, but it helped me find my infinite potential and set a direction for my life. I am planning to move around the world, both developing and developed countries, and find what I can contribute to for humanity. I can dream of serving people around the world because I was first blessed and showered with love. I send my appreciation to Green River and my dear friends at there.

Dream wishes to meet other gators in different parts of the world in the very near future!

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