Don't Delay Your Education

By Ross Jennings, Senior Director, International Education, October 1, 2020

During COVID-19  times, there are three reasons many international students give for delaying their education abroad until COVID-19 goes away. Delaying study, however, delays earning a degree. Here are the arguments:

Reason 1 – Online classes are not real classes.

Yes they are! Online classes count the same as face-to-face classes. The format is different, for sure. Some people take a little time to adjust to online classes, but most people get used to them. Schools like Green River College give students a LOT of help if they need it to adjust and be successful in studying online.

Reason 2 – Online classes are just as expensive as face-to-face classes.

This is usually true. But – this is a big "but" – students taking online classes don’t have to spend money on airplane flights and living expenses abroad. They actually save a LOT of money by staying home and taking online classes. At Green River, for example, total tuition and living expenses are $21,000 per year. Annual tuition is $10,350. By studying from home, students save over half - $10,650 per year.

Reason 3 – A big reason I want to study abroad is to experience the life there. I can’t do that if I study from home.

Totally understand! Almost everyone feels that way. There is another side, however. If you aren’t studying, you’re delaying your degree. At some point,COVID-19 will no longer be an issue. You can start classes online, progress toward your degree, and then go to the college or university when it opens for face-to-face classes.

Which one will you choose?

Plan A: Online Now, On Campus Later

student studies online from home and two friends study on the beautiful GRC Campus

Plan B: Wait until everything opens:

 Waiting and looking out the window


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