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Featured Student - Sara Miakhel - Kazakhstan

By Lansing Bryan, March 27, 2019

Sara Miakhel came to Green River College in fall 2018.  She was enrolled in the Intensive English Program (IEP) for her first two quarters. At first she was discouraged because she thought that her English was good enough for Academic classes, but she soon realized that this was the perfect way to start her education at GRC.

Sara really liked her instructors and said, "They have a unique and excellent way of teaching. I now understand why so many students from many different countries come to Green River to study English.  The instructors are so kind, caring and genuine."

Last week Sara graduated from the Intensive English Program and is now enrolled in Academics.  She impressed her instructors so much that she was chosen to be one of the speakers at the IEP graduation.  In her speech she eloquently spoke about the importance of dreams and goals.

She said, "We have a Russian saying that goes like this, 'Whatever idea dream or goal that comes to your mind, send it to the galaxy and one day it will be realized in your life.' Some people believe in that and some don't. My dream was to go study in the USA. I told my brothers that one day I would do this. It's possible because I have a dream.  At the American consulate, I pleaded to myself,  'please give me that chance, please give me a visa so I can study in the USA'.  Now here I am standing in front of you giving a presentation in English after two quarters of studying at Green River College. I  had a dream and goal and I achieved it!

"My next goal is to get my high school diploma and Associates degree at Green River,  major in Business and one day make a difference in society."

Galaxy, are you listening?


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