GRC Hosts In-Person Orientation

By International Programs, April 7, 2022

The 2022 spring term in-person orientation was a huge success. Many current students and new students enjoyed meeting each other face to face for the first time.

More than 52 new students checked in for Green River College's spring orientation on Friday, April 1, 2022. Sixteen student employees and many staff were excited to welcome these new students from 18 different countries. Go Gators!

Martha Koch, Student Activities Manager said,  "We gave out ten stuffed gators to students that won them during our online orientation. In addition, 52 students spun the Wheel of Fortune and we gave away Green River College blankets, water bottles, sunglasses, and stuffed gators." 

Naomi van Roon, a natural resources major from the Netherlands said, "I really enjoyed welcoming new students at the very start of the day. It was great to smile, and wave and let them know it is okay to be nervous to start college in the US! Many new students I met during new student orientation recognized me during my day-to-day job at the IVD Front Desk, which is awesome!"

Simon Njoroge, a mechanical engineering major from Kenya said,  "What I liked about the in-person orientation was I was able to make new friends, help around and learn more about different countries." 

Green River will continue to have both in-person and virtual orientations.  They are both required as they offer different but crucial services and information.  We have found that the online virtual orientation is very helpful in terms of getting students set up on email, and Canvas and ready to start their education in the USA ahead of time.

This summer term, we are excited to welcome back CORE, our overnight camping trip.

 student helpers at in-person orientation spring 22

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