Green River College #9 in Nation

By International Programs, November 20, 2020

Despite the many challenges these past few years, Green River remains #9 in the nation when it comes to the number of international students at a community college. See IIE: Open Doors Report.  Nearly 1,300 students from over 60 countries chose Green River College for their studies in 2019/20.  

With over a thousand community colleges in the USA, why do international students choose Green River? Here are the top ten reasons.

  1. A leader in university transfer
  2. University Transfer Pathways agreements with 40 four-year universities
  3. Individual advising to help students meet their goals
  4. Great programs including Intensive English and High School Completion
  5. On campus student housing
  6. Peer mentoring and leadership development programs
  7. Beautiful campus surrounded by forest and trees
  8. Active student life on campus
  9. New modern buildings and facilities
  10. Award-winning college

Green River has been hosting international students for over 25 years. We have learned the importance of personalized attention.  When our students succeed then we succeed.  Our motto has always been, "Think Student, Then Decide".  We believe our reputation of care, speaks louder than anything else.



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