Green River College International Homestay Updates

By Jeremy Snyder, Director of International Housing, October 30, 2023

There are three big changes happening to our Homestay Program:

  1. Driving Distance Requirements
  2. Room Sharing Options
  3. New Housing Rates

1. Driving Distance Requirements

16-year-old students can take the bus if it is no more than 30 minutes via a single bus. Hosts outside that radius must drive directly to campus or take students to the closest transit center, park and ride, or similarly well-marked stop.

  • Hosts will continue to submit the “Eyes-On” report. Housing staff will continue to meet 16-year-old students in person and provide reports to parents.

Students 17 and older can take the bus if the total commute time is about 60 minutes or less and no more than 2 busses total.

2. Room Sharing: 2 Students in a Single Bedroom

We tested the room-sharing option this fall for students 17 and older and all were happy with the outcome.  We are therefore going to retain this as a permanent option and will include 16-year-olds, with the following considerations:

  • Bunk beds or lofted beds are acceptable, but each student must have their own bed, desk, and closet space and/or dresser space.
  • Hosts must confirm, either via clear photos or an updated home visit, that the room is large enough to hold everything and still be comfortable for students.
  • Hosts must confirm there are enough bathrooms to accommodate extra students.

Availability for room sharing is limited as this is a new offering. We may not be able to accommodate all sharing requests. Students interested in sharing should complete their applications early.

3. New Shared Housing Rates Starting Spring Term 2024

The new homestay rates will take effect spring term (March 27, 2024) for all new students. Current students will need to start paying the new rate on their individual anniversary date for March of 2024. Even though we are scaling back the driving requirements, we are keeping the 16-year-old rate higher due to the additional eyes-on needs.

  • 17+ private room: $1,000
  • 17+ shared room: $900
  • 16 private room: $1,100
  • 16 shared room: $1,000

Admissions Update

Effective October 24, 2023, admissions for winter 2023 term is closed to IP applicants who are 16 by the Housing Arrival Move-in Date. These applications will be deferred to a future term.


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