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Green River Graduate to Attend Harvard in the Fall

By Yanwei Yang, Green River College Alumnus, March 28, 2019

My name is Yanwei Yang, one of the thousands of international students from China. Like most Chinese families, my parents wanted me to finish my high school in Yantai No.2 high school, and go to a good university just like they did. I knew that I would not have much opportunity to be who I wanted, or earn what I wanted in the fierce competitive environment of China. A fortunate meeting with Ross Jennings, former Vice President of Green River College, changed my life in my hometown, Yantai.

Ross Jennings recommended that I study at Green River College. My eyes opened at this college because it has people from all over the world with different age groups and cultures. I developed my English skills in the Intensive English Program. I also earned my Associate in Arts degree along with my high school degree when I graduated in 2014. Additionally, my host family Billy and Patty Arnold who I lived with for 3 years, raised me from a boy to a teenager.

Since I am both a photographer and a composer, I chose to major in Architecture under a 5-year program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on the east coast. After earning my Bachelor of Architecture degree, I was accepted to Harvard University for the Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) program, and I am heading there in the fall of 2019 to further my career.

I never imagined that I could ever get this precious opportunity to study at Harvard 8 years ago. If I did not take advantage of the opportunity in 2010 to have education in U.S., I might never have reached this milestone. I really appreciate the chance Green River College provided to me.

 Yanwei Yang in Green River cap and gown.


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