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Student Spotlight - Haider Al-shahwani

By International Programs, October 22, 2021

Introducing Haider Al-shahwani. He is from Iraq and is majoring in Biochemistry. He graduated from Green River College in 2021. He will be transferring to the University of Texas in San Antonio or the University of North Texas in spring 2022. He is still trying to decide which one as he was accepted to both.

Haidar shares his experience of how Green River College helped him get to where he is right now in life.

Haidar is grateful for the Intensive English Program. "I can easily connect with individuals around my community, thanks to the intensive English classes that GRC provided to me. I feel confident when communicating because of my fluent (English) skills.

"My journey at Green River College was not always easy. I failed the math placement test (WAMAP) several times. I didn’t get the score I needed to be placed in a pre-calculus class. Because this class was required for my degree, it broke me and I thought about giving up and changing my major because I am not good at mathematics. Then I remembered why I chose this major to start with. So I studied harder and took the math placement test one last time and got placed into pre-calculus classes. There are times when you will fall down, but remember to get up and keep walking, because failure on a test or a term does not determine the end of your academic journey.

"Zig Ziglar (1920-2012) once said, 'Success doesn’t have an elevator, you need to take the stairs'.

"Success does not happen overnight, it takes determination, hard work, and patience. Remember that college is the road to the future career that you want to pursue. If you ever feel discouraged, draw your future self on a piece of paper to remind yourself, that this is what you want to be, and always look at it when you feel like giving up. Whether it takes you 2 years, 4 years, or 7, remember that college is temporary, so invest all your energy in learning and strengthening your skills. Be as productive as you can, as it will pay off when you graduate and enter the job market, and use your knowledge and skills in your future career."



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