Student Spotlight - Simon Njoroge

By Simon Njoroge, February 17, 2022

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Simon Njoroge and I am from Kenya. I am in my second year at Green River College and I am currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My dream is to work in a field that is helping revolutionize technology and accelerate the world into using renewable energy.

What do you enjoy most about studying at Green River College?

If I was to speak about this marvelous school, it would take thousands of years. What I love most about the college is the family culture. Green River's faculty and staff are more than willing to walk the extra mile to see students succeed in anything they undertake. Green River has also given me numerous opportunities, to not only advance academically but also in other aspects of my life such as professionally, socially, and emotionally. The education at Green River is more student-centered rather than teacher-centered. Studying at Green River has really shaped me to be who I am today. Green River has helped me build a strong foundation for my career in Mechanical Engineering. The college has programs both formal and non-formal that support students pursuing STEM majors. My goal is to use the knowledge I harness in the incorporation of renewable energy into our daily lifestyle and aid in the production of more energy-efficient systems.

I understand you belong to eight different clubs on campus.  Can you tell us a little more?

I belong to the Physics club (SPS) and Math club.  I am the Vice President of the Africa Student Association. I am also a member of the FISH club, Mental Health Awareness club, Rotary club, Music club, and PTK club. There are many benefits to joining a club. You can make more friends, improve your communication skills, build a community, meet people who are like-minded, and have fun! Being a club officer Improves your organizational and leadership skills.

How difficult is it to join a club?

Joining a club is as easy as waking up from your bed. Just go to the Clubs and Organization website and email the President of the club and ask if you can join. You can also attend the club fair which happens once a term.

Math Club at Green River College



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