Take Communication Studies 220: Public Speaking

By Adam Beals, Director of International Advising, August 31, 2020

We are excited to announce that students can now enroll in an academic, five credit class called "Communication Studies 220 – Public Speaking" this fall.

This class fulfills a general education requirement and is very transferable to most universities throughout the U.S. 

Free Learning Support

In order to support your success in your first academic class, the class will be taught by a communication instructor and supported by an Intensive English Program instructor who will provide language and study skills support. This extra support will be at no additional cost.  In other words, you will get an experienced academic instructor and learning support for the same tuition fee. 

Get a Great Start

We are committed to making sure you get a great start at Green River.  This class is specially designed with additional support for students studying in their home country. We are confident you will be ready for full-time academic studies when you come to campus this fall or winter. 

Technology Requirements

Online instruction will be through Canvas, GRC’s learning management system.  You will need to be able to work in Canvas, participate in Zoom video conferences, watch YouTube videos, and have access to the required textbooks. You will also need a computer or tablet that has a webcam and microphone or a smart phone with a camera so that you can communicate with your teacher and classmates. Please note that video conferencing or real-time interaction will take place according to Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Register Now! 

It's not too late.  Please contact Adam Beals, Director of International Advising: abeals@greenriver.edu.  


When asked what went well spring quarter and helped them learn, here is what students thought about the online class:

  • Meeting with the teacher helped me learn something that I didn't understand.
  • It helped me learn how to manage my time well.
  • I got a lot of speaking practice that helped me improve my English.
  • I like that my teacher has Zoom to discuss problems every day. He solved the problem for us very carefully and patiently. The feedback is very detailed and I could get the answer from the feedback. He is such a nice teacher.
  • Zoom daily is really helpful for me to understand the lecture. I learn more how to work with Canvas and connect with the instructor.
  • This quarter's online learning is more convenient.
  • Improving my writing skill
  • I learned how to study online. I didn't have experience before.
  • I learned how to study on Zoom. And I have more presentation opportunities this quarter, my speaking has improved.
  • I have learned a lot of new English knowledge, and also consolidated my previous English.
  • Like the extra office time, it really helps me a lot.
  • I think this quarter sometimes enhance my skill of study. But I really want to go to the real class.
  • Gave us a lot of online exercises, let me practice listening and grammar.
  • We study on Zoom and it is helpful because we can easily ask questions.
  • Better than the previous semester because I learned more.

 Kelsey Denton and Mike Manzer
Instructors: Kelsey Denton and Mike Manzer

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