Three Reasons Why Green River College Makes Good Financial Sense

By Sophie Wang, February 22, 2023

With the rising value of U.S. dollars worldwide, studying in the U.S. may sound out of reach. Luckily, students can save big money by coming to Green River College (GRC) and receiving high-quality education at reasonable prices. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Savings on Tuition and Costs

    Did you know students can save up to $100,000+ by taking the 2 + 2 Transfer program at GRC? The tuition for studying at GRC is only $11,196 for an academic year, which is three times lower compared to most private universities in the U.S. Meanwhile, GRC credits are accepted nationwide, and our graduates transfer to top universities all over the U.S.
  2. Scholarship and Employment Opportunities

    We offer different types of scholarships and on-campus employment to accompany international students with financial support. After your first term at GRC, you can apply for jobs on campus.  For example, we hire student receptionists, peer mentors, student marketing assistants, social media ambassadors, etc. More importantly, students gain valuable work experience that helps with their future job search.
  3. Lower Living Costs

    With a sales tax of 9.29% and inflation, students can still save money by living near the GRC community, as the living cost is lower than most major cities in Washington state. For example, you may get a nice lunch bento box in Auburn for $12 but will pay almost double in Seattle. In addition, the Campus Corner Apartments (CCA) charges a reasonable rate of only $7,749 per academic year.

Above all, savings is just one of the important reasons to choose GRC. Students benefit from the personal attention and long-term relationships they receive from staff members, teachers, and classmates, and GRC goes beyond that to serve students with excellence.

Tuition Comparison Chart 23-24

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