Top 5 Reasons to Choose Green River College for High School

By Erica Swenson, Program Manager, September 21, 2023

Are you a High School student eager to fast-track your education, or find yourself in a situation where you've fallen behind in your studies? Consider the benefits of finishing high school at Green River College while getting a head start with your college degree. This unique opportunity provides numerous advantages that can set you on a path to future success. The program is called High School Completion and when finished with all requirements, you will earn a Washington State High School diploma from Green River College.  

Our goal for you is to help you finish High School in your first year of academic classes at Green River, if possible. We will evaluate what classes you have already done from 9th grade and High School, and the classes left, you will take at Green River. Most all High School classes are actually college classes, so you will earn both High School and College credit for college level classes you pass. Finishing early allows you to have the BEST transfer advantage possible.  

Students who have finished High School at Green River College have gone on to many top transfer schools. Most recently they were accepted into University of California- Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Boston College, University of Southern California (USC), University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of California- San Diego, Purdue University, and many more!  
When graduated students were asked why they chose to come to Green River College to finish High School, their top answers included:  

    Finishing high school at Green River College is a time-efficient option. By enrolling in college-level courses that also fulfill high school requirements, you can earn college credit while simultaneously completing your high school diploma. This means you can be finished with your Bachelors degree before many of your peers.  

    This approach not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of education. Green River College offers an affordable option for your academic future. By earning college credit concurrently with your diploma, you're getting a head start on your higher education for less than it costs at a University. 

    Immersing yourself in a college environment while completing high school can provide valuable insights into what higher education entails. You'll have the opportunity to interact with college professors, experience campus life, and get a taste of the independence that comes with being a college student, but in a smaller community that provides direct support. 

    Green River College boasts a vibrant and diverse student body. Interacting with peers from various backgrounds enhances your cultural awareness and global perspective, enriching your overall learning experience. Engaging with classmates from around the world allows you to learn about different traditions, perspectives, and ways of life. 

    The disruption caused by the pandemic and other international crises has left many students struggling to keep up with their studies. High School Completion offers you a chance to catch up on missed coursework and move forward with your education. The college's flexibility and dedicated educators will help you bridge any learning gaps and regain your academic momentum.

Wherever you are in your academic journey, if you do not have a High School diploma, we can help you reach that goal! There is a dedicated team of staff and advisors that will connect you to a plan for success and meet with you regularly until you succeed. If you have questions about High School Completion, please contact Erica Swenson (  

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