Why Choose Green River College for Your Intensive English Studies

By Dr. Vivette Beuster, Dean of Intensive English Program and Extended Learning, February 25, 2020

Green River’s Intensive English Program (IEP) offers students the opportunity to become proficient in English in a great learning environment. 

Students are taught by highly qualified teachers with Masters degrees and many years of teaching experience. Our teachers also speak other languages and are very familiar with the different cultures our students come from.  

IEP students study in small classes with 12-15 students and get individual attention every day. There are also additional free resources to support language acquisition such as Study Hall twice a week with language tutors and teachers where students can study before class. Starting spring quarter, we will provide fee online lessons and practice exercises that students can complete in their own time. To ensure student success and timely guidance, the IEP Advisor is there to provide personal and proactive advising.  

We offer a unique bridge program for higher-level students to prepare them for academic studies in a language sheltered environment. Students with an international TOEFL score of 50-54 are automatically placed in level 4 where they have the opportunity to take a 2-credit academic class in addition to their language classes, and students with a 55-59 score are placed in level 5 bridge where they take a 5-credit academic transfer class with American students in addition to their IEP language support class. Students who achieve very high scores in their level 5 IEP class have the opportunity to go directly into ENGL& 101 thereby saving time and money.

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