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Green River College International Programs

Start your path to a top American university now! Don’t let coronavirus delay your education. You can take Green River College classes online now, at home in your country or you can come to Green River college where we will begin to phase in in-person instruction and service starting fall quarter. Use Green River’s 2+2 transfer program to get into a top American university. This is how it works:

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Step 1: Study at Home

Take Green River classes now at home in your own country.

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Step 2: Come to Green River College

Come to Green River when you get your visa and more face-to-face classes resume.

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Step 3: Transfer to Top University

Use Green River's 2 + 2 transfer program to get into a top American university.

Thousands of international students from all over the world have gone on to top American and Canadian universities through the college’s 2+2 transfer program. Students take the first two years of their bachelor’s degree at Green River, and then transfer to excellent universities in the US or Canada to complete their bachelor’s degree in another two years.

Below are some of the top 50 world universities to which Green River international students have transferred and their global ranking (US News):


Top 50 World Universities

UC Berkeley  4
Columbia University  7
University of Washington 10
Johns Hopkins University 11
University of Pennsylvania 16
University of Michigan 17
University of Toronto 18
UC San Diego 19
Cornell 23
New York University 27
UBC (Canada) 30
Washington University in St. Louis 31
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 34 
University of Wisconsin - Madison 37 



Save Money

Tuition at most public and private universities is more than three times the tuition at community colleges.

Graph shows tuition comparisons between GRC and popular 4-year universities

Here are some examples of yearly tuition costs:

  • Green River College Tuition - $10,350 
  • University of Washington Tuition - $38,340
  • University of California Tuition- $47,000
  • University of Michigan Tuition - $51,000

International Students who start at Green River and transfer to University of Washington save about $60,000. To break it down even further English 101 (a 5 credit class) at Green River College costs $1,537.15. The same class at UW costs $6,402.  Both costs include fees.

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