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Learn why 2 + 2 may be right for your students!

The 2 + 2 university transfer program allows students to earn a bachelor's degree by taking years one and two at a community college, then transferring to a university to complete years three and four. The two-year Associate of Arts and Associate of Science correlates with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science at university.  

Learn more about 2 + 2 in the December 2021 issue of the International School Leader Magazine: The Community College Route to a US Bachelor's Degree  (PDF)

Dr. Wendy Stewart, Vice President of International Programs of Green River College (GRC) shares information about the 2 + 2 University transfer program and how it can save students thousands of dollars, but is also a very successful program where students can get into top universities all over the the U.S. and abroad. Length 4:56.

High School Completion Program

Learn why this program is so popular with high achieving high school students.

High School Completion Program

Dr. Wendy Stewart, Vice President of International Programs and Extended Learning at Green River College (GRC), shares information about GRC's popular High School Completion program, a dual credit program for high achieving juniors and seniors.  Length 7:02.

Three Housing Options

 Three Housing Options at GRC

Green River knows how important housing is to the success of a student. Our housing staff go the extra mile to give the best experience possible by providing a caring and supportive American living experience. Students can choose the option that works best for them. - Learn More.

Active Student Life

Join our active student life

Students can always find something to do on and off campus.  Our International Student Ambassadors create fun events weekly.  Students can also join one of the many clubs on campus and participate in some of their events too!  There are plenty of opportunities to make friends and have a great time! - Learn More.

Green River College Makes Good Financial Sense

Tuition Comparison Chart 23-24

With the rising value of U.S. dollar worldwide, studying in America may sound out of reach. Luckily, students can save up to $100,000 by coming to Green River College for their first two years and then transfer to a top university. - Learn more.

Green River Has Transfer Agreements with Over 40 Universities

Transfer Fair in the Student Union

When you apply for either the university transfer or high school completion programs, you can choose to receive a conditional admission letter or statement from one of our University Transfer Pathway Program institutions.  If you decide to go to a different university, that is fine. Many students and parents find it reassuring to have a backup plan.

GRC Recognized as a Top 150 U.S. Community College by Aspen Institute

Eligible for $1M 2025 Aspen Prize

Green River College has been named one of the top 150 community colleges in the country by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.  There are 1,050 community colleges in the USA. As a Top finalist, GRC is eligible for the 2025 $1 million Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s signature recognition of high achievement and performance. - Learn More

Short term and application deadline

Interested in Sending a Short Term Group to Green River College?

Please send a message to Andrea Insley including your proposed dates, group size, type of curriculum you'd like students to study, and any specific extra-curricular activities you'd like to include.  Please note that GRC is a popular destination for short term programs and international schools  must be already in the International High School Partnership Program to send a group.  Becoming a partner is free. Contact Andrea Insley, International School Counselor Liaison

Community Colleges in the USA

Gain a more in depth understanding of community colleges in the USA (10.2 million students, 2023), their strategic role in American higher education -- and how international students can benefit

Application Deadlines

The preferred Application deadline Fall 2024 is May 1, 2024. Please also encourage students to submit the scholarship application at the same time.

The GRC fall term begins in late September and the academic calendar is organized around the “quarter system”.  This is similar to many institutions in the western part of the USA, including the University of Washington.  

There are fall, winter, and spring intake.  Summer quarter is optional.   There is a late deadline of August 1, 2024 for students who need extra time. 

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