Ann DeHeide

Ann DeHeide, Intensive English Instructor

Ann DeHeide

Intensive English Instructor

Ann is a dedicated teacher who cares deeply about her students and wants them all to be successful. She started her education at Highline Community College as a nontraditional student, earning an AA degree and graduating with the Highest Academic Achievement honor in her class.  At the University of Washington, she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in English (emphasis in Teaching), and she has a master’s degree from Seattle University in TESOL. She started working at Green River College in 2003, and she taught English in Hefei, China in 2011.  Ann has taught in all the levels, but most of her teaching has been in the lower levels. She speaks some Spanish and Chinese.  She enjoys gardening in the summer months.


Ann Teaches

Levels 3 & 4