Bjorn Myhre

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Bjorn Myhre

Director of International Recruitment

It is rewarding to work with students and help them achieve their academic and professional goals in life. I believe it is important for all students to have a global perspective to be competitive for the international economy. I love learning about different cultures and encouraging others to think with an educated world view.

My ten year career in the education industry has allowed me to grow professionally while teaching and counseling great students from a wide geographic area. I taught social studies at a private high school in Mexico for two years, and five years in Washington state high schools. I also served as an admission counselor for three years at PLU in Tacoma, WA. I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in Political Science, and received my master's degree in Education from Pacific Lutheran University. I studied a semester abroad in Ireland at the University of Limerick and traveled throughout Western Europe. My two years working in Mexico developed my love for Mexican cuisine, culture, and history. I look forward to learning about Southwestern Asian cultures and building great partnerships.

My passion for global education extends into all aspect of my personal and professional life. My goal working with students and agencies is to provide exceptional service and help them achieve success. I have a firm belief that education is the best investment one can make in their lifetime.

Regional Contact For

Indonesia, India and Middle East.