Cyndi Rapier

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Cyndi Rapier

Director of Student Housing

I have been with International Programs since 1998 and enjoy working with both international students as well as host families. I started out as a host family myself and have hosted many students from several countries through the years. I am in contact with many of my former host students and have the joy of watching them grow up, reach their educational goals, get married and have a family. When I retire, my husband and I have joked that we will travel around the world and stay with all of our "international kids".

Green River offers a variety of housing options for international students. Campus Corner Apartments with 340 beds. We have more than 450 active host families in our Homestay program. We keep updated information for students who wish to have the ultimate independence and rent an apartment. We also help students find prospective roommates. My goal for housing is to meet the different needs of the individual student and find the most appropriate housing situation for them. As well as provide a fulfilling and great experience to our host families.

I am also committed to maintaining the highest standard of customer service to our students, agents and host families. I believe we have built a premier hosting program and are looked at as the best practices program for hosting in Washington State.