Margarita Conger

Margarita “Rita” Conger, Admissions

Margarita "Rita" Conger

International Admissions and Business Operations

I grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan Did you know that apples and tulips are native to Central Asia, my homeland? I love both. And I love living in Washington State, which was famous for the apples before it got famous for Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon.

I was an exchange student in high school through AFS and spent an amazing year in California. The experience opened the world to me. I met many wonderful people and got to see a country I never thought I’d see during the cold war. It also made me a great advocate of exchange programs.

I am happy to be working for the International Programs Admission Office at GRC and be a part of introducing students from other countries to the US. It is exciting to travel, but even better when you can stay a while and experience the way things really are. I believe that education and work exchange programs are some of the best things we have to promote understanding and respect of each other’s cultures and for sharing knowledge.

I love to travel far and near, I love nature and cities, concerts, theater, and art. I enjoy growing my own tomatoes, books with a cup of tea, binging on Netflix and time with my family.

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I-20s, Admission related questions