Nancy Kremer

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Nancy Kremer

Senior Director of International Student Services and Operations

I have been helping and working with international students at Green River since 1989. As an exchange student myself (Asia University in Tokyo, Japan), I know how exciting and challenging it is to come to a different country to live and learn. Having been raised bi-culturally, I have always known I would want to work with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. I was lucky to have that dream come true with the different roles I have held at Green River: marketing, advising, admissions, housing, and student activities are just a few of the many jobs I have performed and loved!

Currently, my main responsibilities at Green River include overall management of the International Programs services staff, International Programs publications, SEVIS compliance, and ensuring that we provide excellent service to International Students.

I look forward to helping our educational partners and students find success at Green River. You are welcome here!