Sandra Bonifield

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Sandra Bonifield

International Admissions and Business Operations

From the far off land of Mystery, Spices and Java, I came to the land of Avocados, Strawberries and Almonds to pursue my MA degree. I went to Monterey Institute of International Studies. Little did I know, this decision would completely change the course of my life that had been intended. I met my husband and moved to a cheerfully bright and rainy place known as Seattle.

We have a son a daughter, a faithful old coon hound, two fish and an Amazonian parrot that flew up and hopped on my husband’s finger and moved right in. Thanks to my husband, our yard is full with fruit trees and bushes: cherries, apples, blueberries, figs, plums, raspberries, and a myriad of other tasty things and fragrant flowers.

Both my husband and I love travelling and have taken the kids with us, to many countries, we have gone to school, or worked in: Singapore, China, France, Korea and Finland, I leave you to guess who did what.

Weekends are filled with music, laughter and fun, and are spent promoting Indonesian culture through the Indonesian Cultural Association of which I am head.

I just love working with International students--never a dull moment. It is a very rewarding experience to see the transformation of a shy international student transforms into an outgoing active and successful one.

Assists With

I-20s, Tuition, Insurance, Invoices