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Important Information for our Students


Students enjoy the sunshine outside Salish Hall, one of Green River's new classroom buildings.

Dear Prospective Student,

In this section you will find information to assist you in making your decision about attending Green River College and your transition to College, if you decide to attend. If you don't find the information you are seeking please e-mail me.

Looking forward to meeting you on campus.

Michael McIntyre
E-Student Specialist

Important Dates

Fall Quarter: September through December 2012
Classes end December 13, 2012
Winter Quarter: December through March 2013
Housing move-in date December 26, 2012
Orientation and testing begins December 27, 2012
Classes start January 2, 2013
Classes end March 21, 2013

Why International Students Should Consider Community Colleges

Community college enrollment are a cost-effective way to begin a U.S. education according to the US News and World Report.

American community colleges offer international students a cheaper entry point into their higher education pursuits via low tuition rates on freshman and sophomore level classes, often with the added bonus of an easier transition to U.S.-style academics, experts say. Students then transfer to four-year schools to complete their bachelor's degree.

For instance, the tuition at Green River College in Washington State is $9,600 for an academic year, while it costs more than $29,000 for the same number of credits at nearby University of Washington. Based on two years of attending community college, the price difference and savings could be enough to pay for a student's junior year of tuition, fees, textbooks, and meals.

Green River Community is a good value for international students.

Tobacco Free Campus Starting January 1, 2013

To provide a healthy environment for students, faculty and staff, Green River will become a tobacco-free campus starting January 1, 2013. This means that the use of any tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars or pipes and smokeless or chewing tobacco will be prohibited in Green River buildings or on campus. According to the American Lung Association, more than 285 schools nationwide ban tobacco use. Wishing our Green River community a happy healthy New Year!

College Experience and Foundation for Success: $100 Program Fees Apply Starting Winter 2013

Two programs - College Experience and Foundation For Success - were offered fall quarter free of charge. Both programs help our students be better adjusted and more successful at GRCC and in the United States. The programs are required for certain students. The cost of each one-quarter program is $100. Due to the late notice, we gave a scholarship to each new Fall 2012 student for these fees. Students will be charged program fees starting Winter 2013.

Learn more about College Experience and Foundation for Success.

Green River Staff on the Road

Ross Jennings Ross Jennings
China: October
Alvin Tai Alvin Tai
Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, China
October 10 - November 15
Geoff Moody Geoff Moody
Indonesia: November 1-12
Oksana Knyaz Oksana Knyaz
Ukraine & Russia: October 31 - November 10

Important Contact Information

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Emergency: (253) 740-8422

Let us Know How We Can Help

We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to our students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your comments and let us know how we can better serve you:

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