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photo of Iordan Bokov

Iordan Bokov


University of Washington - Foster School of Business
Major: Business
Aslo admitted to: University of Chicago

"AI love the campus; it is so nice, quiet, very green and clean, with lots of animals walking around. All the teachers and faculty really helped me achieve my goals and improve myself. They encouraged me and guided me. After being here for two years I found myself actively involved in the college life. The school offers so many opportunities. I did a lot of volunteering and met new people, which helped me learn a lot about the culture and the American way of life."


photo of Alison Chiu

Alison Chiu

Hong Kong

University of Oregon
Major: Business/Marketing

"I enjoyed being a student at Green River College. Green River has a great International Program, advisors provide us with useful information for transferring, such as schedule planning. Green River provides opportunities to learn through various types of activities and events, and leadership experience opportunities. The Campus Corner Apartments are always a great place to know more diverse friends and expand your community. Overall I like the environment here a lot!"


photo of Bach Xuan Dao

Bach Xuan Dao


UC Berkeley
Major: Computer Engineering

"When I first came to Green River College, I was told that: "From here, you can go anywhere you want!". I initially did not believe that statement. How can a student from a community college in a small town in Washington State go anywhere he wants. Ironically, I proved myself wrong in the end. The academically challenging yet friendly environment at Green River has made my dream come true. Be involved in the campus life, grab friends with the same goals as you, try your best in the classes, and success will likely come to you."


photo of Carlos Lameira

Carlos Lameiras


Purdue University
Major: Architecture

"Green River College provided an awesome environment for me to stay focused on my studies. I got to transfer to a top university thanks to the advisors who helped me a lot with my academic plan. Not only does Green River provide many fun events for international students, teachers and students here are also very nice and friendly. I love hanging out in the library, which is the best place ever!"


photo of Irene Ler

Irene Ler


University of Texas, Austin
Major: General

"My time at Green River has been memorable. I've gotten the opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends. There are a lot of activities offered at the college, such as volunteering opportunities and different clubs we can join. I like how the classes are small, giving students the one-on-one time we need with our instructors when required. I'm glad that with the help of the IP advisors I was able to plan out my classes and transfer to a university."


photo of Davaa Lkhagva

Davaajargal Lkhagva


University of Washington - Seattle
Major: Finance
Also admitted to: Indiana University

"The two years that I have been at Green River College have changed my life. Absolutely, at the beginning I faced a lot of challenges, but I set my goals and tried to achieve. Studying in the USA was my greatest decision. The experiences that I have had in America have greatly influenced my future life. Green River is the friendliest place that I have ever been to. I have met a lot of great people, made a lot of diverse friends, even life-long friends. Green River is a great resource and opportunity for students. I would like to give thanks to all my supervisors, advisors, instructors and friends for supporting me these years and helping me transfer to a great university. Now, I am ready to make another step towards my dream."


photo of Cicely Natasha

Cicely Natasha


Pratt Institute
Major: Architecture

"Green River College was a great place for me to learn and actualize myself. For me, Green River was like my second home, and my first home in the USA. Almost all of the instructors and advisors were wonderful! They were supportive, thoughtful, friendly and helpful. Besides, I made a lot of good friends from many different countries, which gave me a lot of new experiences and insight. Finally, Green River was able to help me to get accepted at an exceptional university. It is a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience being there."


photo of Khoa Dang Pham

Khoa Dang Pham


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Major: Computer Science
Also admitted to: University of Minnesota, University of Utah, Stony Brook University, UT Dallas

"The International Programs rocks! The advising team was awesome. They helped me to transfer to a top-notch university by giving me wonderful advice and a concrete degree plan so that I knew exactly what I needed to do to apply to my school of choice. Also, the High School Completion Program really saved me time and a lot of money. Thanks to Green River, especially the International Programs, I am able to graduate at the age of 18 with lots of challenging yet intriguing opportunities awaiting me along the road."


photo of Edwin Sanjaya

Edwin Sanjaya


University of Michigan
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Also admitted toL UT Austin, UIUC

"Green River gave me a lot of opportunities to be a better person. The advisors helped me make an academic plan so that I can transfer to top university, and most of the classes I took here transfer to my university. Green River also gives students the opportunity to get experience by working part-time on campus, as a tutor, a grader, a CLEO member, an assistant at the IP office, etc. In addition, there are lots of scholarship opportunities at Green River through the Green River Foundation and International Programs. The instructors are really helpful--they not only assist in school subjects, but also in personal life."


photo of Shiyun Zhong

Shiyun Zhong


University of Washington - Seattle
Major: Business

"As opposed to other international students, I only studied at Green River for one year. Therefore my study schedule was much more intense than others, and I had to prepare for transferring right after I came to Green River. I appreciate Green River because the advisors there helped me make a detailed study plan, provide me with a lot of transfer information, and hosted various community activities. Thanks for all the efforts Green River made to make my time here more interesting and meaningful."


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