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photo of Eric Dalim Kim

Eric (Dalim) Kim

South Korea

University of Pennsylvania
Major: Marketing / Economics

"The famous Aesop once said in his Fables, "Heaven helps those who help themselves". In fact, Green River College does offer its students a rich spectrum of academics, dedicated faculty and a warm environment. During my time here, I was lucky to be able to maximize these opportunities which allowed me to fortify my educational experience and personal enrichment. I am eternally grateful for meeting the people who guided me towards my dream of attending the University of Pennsylvania. Not to say there weren't obstacles involved, I had more problems than there are security officers on campus, personally, emotionally and mentality. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, there were people I met at Green River who will go on to be my allies for the rest of my life. In my humble opinion, that is where I truly got my money's worth."


photo of Hwanwook Ian Lee

Hwanwook (Ian) Lee

South Korea

University of Southern California
Major: Accounting

"Green River has been really helpful. This college has great instructors, advising team, and an amazing program for international students that helps students focus on their study. This is one of the reasons for my successful transfer."


photo of Indira Pranabudi

Indira Pranabudi


Brown University
Major: Computer Science
Also admitted to: Northeastern University, University of Indiana - Bloomington, University of Colorado - Boulder

"In the past one and a half years at Green River, I feel that I have grown more as an individual than I have in my entire life. Not living with my parents has been tough, but the instructors, along with my advisors and supervisors have all been great role models for me. In hindsight, I am glad I chose to attend Green River College."


photo of Yu Sato

Yu Sato


University of California, Berkeley
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Also admitted to: University of California, Los Angeles

"Green River has taught me so many things - everything from academics to really valuable social and life lessons, making it so much more than a mere stepping stone for my future aspirations and ambitions. The time that I've spent here will always hold some of the best memories for me."


photo of Ngoc Man Truong

Ngoc Man Truong


University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Major: Finance

"Green River offered me a great learning experience and personal growth. This college has an international multicultural environment where I could broaden my knowledge and enjoy a working experience with professional faculty and nice colleagues from different backgrounds."


photo of Koen Valks

Koen Valks

The Netherlands

American University
Major: International Relations

"Green River helped me develop further as a person and a leader. Because I put myself in positions where I had to interact with people from different cultures and countries, I eventually came to the realization that I wanted to study the relations between countries and what makes us the same, not what makes us different. This helped me build the bridge to American University, a university that will further help me with my continuous growth as a person."


photo of Yingying Ye

Yingying Ye


Emory University
Major: Economics
Also admitted to: University of Rochester, Ohio State University

"The two years that I spent at Green River has actually surprised me. There are so many possibilities that can be explored and challenged. Those experiences helped me to better prepare for future study and career, and I do believe that I have learned American culture from a different perspective."


photo of Ho Leung Yung

Ho Leung Yung

Hong Kong

University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Business Economics
Also admitted to: University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, San Diego

"Green River was such a great place for me to study. Faculty guided me in my studies, and students were eager to participate in class activities. They are the valuable resources which helped me succeed in my university admissions as well as my field of study."


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