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Ana Ballesta from Uruguay

Ana Ballesta


University College Roosevelt  - The Netherlands
Major: Economics

"After two years at Green River College I am transferring to University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands. My major is Economics. Green River is a great place to find a university that fits your needs and wants. Green River helped me be aware of so many options I did not know I had. The university pathway with top schools is so helpful! It makes it easier to transfer to schools with challenging admission."



Aart Boer - The Netherlands

Aart Boer

The Netherlands

University College Maastricht
Major: Pre-Med
Also admitted to: University of Washington, Seattle

"The support for international students is very broad with many events, advising, and teachers who are very understanding and friendly.  In the beginning, I had a hard time deciding what I would like to do for my career.  I changed majors many times starting with Physics then Nursing and later Business Administration. Throughout this time my advisor was a great support, he is very knowledgeable about the programs that are offered and their career options. I heartily recommend that as a new student you check out the International Programs office and meet your advisor because they are not just awesome but also very knowledgeable and would love to help you out."



photo of Jamie Chen

Chih-Chieh (Jamie) Chen


Columbia University
Major: Business/Economics
Also admitted to: UC Berkely, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, University of Toronto, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

"There were many advantages to studying at Green River College. However, the International Programs advising team stands out to be the most memorable. My advisor, Jackie Li, provided me with various assistance ranging from academics to even the encouragement to pursue my goals. Advisors also supported club activities by offering ideas and event opportunities. They shared their experience not only as mentors but also as  friends to help build up my competency as a club president. Also, with being a Student Receptionist in the International Programs Office, I connected to staff who always created a supportive atmosphere for international students, which I found precious for people who come a long way to study abroad. International Programs is devoted to assuring students’ best outcomes."



photo of Tuyen Duong

Tuyen Duong


Major: Statistics
Also admitted to: Iowa State University, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara

"Green River College was a fantastic place for me to get started on my higher education plan. It provided me with a strong academic foundation and an amazing environment to develop my English and social skills. Thanks to all my professors, they are so passionate and helpful in getting me ready for my major.  Classes are definitely important because it shows the university how much you prepare to go to their schools. However, at Green River, I did not only learn but also had a lot fun. Outside the classroom, there are a ton of events and extracurricular activities to join. I met so many talented and kind people from around the world. Green River fully provided me opportunities to experience American Cultures and on campus employment. I love the people here, especially the advising team. They are all awesome in giving me advice about my major, transfer application and immigration issues. Again, thank you very much to Green River for giving me what I have today."



Jacob Kristenson from Denmark

Jacob Kristensen


Copenhagen Business School
Major: Business

"Green River College helped me achieve my goal of being accepted into Copenhagen Business School. I had the opportunity to take the classes I needed and they offered a wide variety of options. The staff were very helpful and accommodating and they made the transition into a different school system much easier and accessible for me. I am very grateful for my stay at Green River College. The six months I spent there have contributed immensely to my life, both academically and socially."



photo of Kritan Duwal

Kritan Duwal


University of Texas at Arlington
Major: Computer Science

"Green River helped me get into the university I chose by teaching me the ability to do research. Since day one of classes, I remember my instructors going over the syllabus, each one of them would talk about the importance of critical thinking and research. Later on I would go on to participate in The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) representing Green River, which is an international competition where students try to answer open-ended problems through research. During the process of choosing a university, two factors played a major influence: tuition and cost of living. Coming from a small south-asian country such as Nepal, it is hard to come up with the money to attend a university. Through research, I learned that Texas state universities had the option of paying in-state tuition if one got a scholarship. I chose the University at Arlington because not only was it recommended by one of my senior co-workers for having a good program, it also is a place where I can learn new skills through new struggles."



photo of Patricia K

Patricia Kusumaningtyas


Columbia University
Major: Computer Science (with minor in English)
Also admitted to: UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Reed College, Barnard College, Smith College, University of Oregon (Honors)

"When I stumbled upon Green River College in my high school’s education fair, I learned about the benefits of the university transfer program. I liked the nature of its affordability, accessibility, and flexibility. Turns out, GRC is more than just a stepping stone. I was exposed to classes with instructors who are knowledgeable in their respective fields, and I also joined diversity-related activities and clubs; my perspective of the world is refreshed every single day. My academic advisor introduced me to the American education landscape so I can prepare well towards my university choices. I also worked with two on-campus resources that help students to succeed: the FFS mentorship program and the Writing Center. My coworkers and employers are deeply passionate about their work and it’s great to give back to the community that nurtures me. Finally, I can get into my dream school and GRC has truly shown that I can 'go anywhere from here'."



photo of Nike Larasati

Nike Larasati


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Major: Accounting

"To succeed, you have to be backed with good academics, but if that’s all, even well-programmed robots can do way better. What they can’t do, is to be a responsible, well rounded, and passionate individual with a kind heart. Green River, with all of its easily reached resources, diverse activities, and warm people not only prepared me for my academics in the future, but also showed me the importance of giving back to the community, and be a kind and useful person. I gained important knowledge, valuable skills, and life-long friends which shaped me to be the person I am today. All in all, I am proud to say that Green River was my home away from home, and I will forever cherish all the fruitful memories I have there. Thank you Green River, it was truly one of the most incredible and unforgettable two years of my life. Go GATORS!."



photo of Haike Pijs

Haike Pijs

The Netherlands

Western Washington University
Major: Economics

"During my time at Green River College, I changed from a laid back student with no clue what to do with my future, to a student who worked two jobs at school and a clear view of the future. Green River helped me by providing more opportunities to grow than I can count, from jobs and volunteering opportunities to clubs and weekly events. There is also a big international student population that helps you feel at home at Green River very fast. I grew not only as a student, but also as a person. I enjoyed my time at Green River College so much that I convinced my two brothers to also study here and hopefully experience the same welcoming and nourishing environment that I enjoyed at Green River. Without Green River I would have not been able to get into a university."



photo of Benny Tsai

Chengchi Tsai (Benny)


Arizona State University
Major: Mechanical Engineer
Also admitted to: Virginia Tech, UC Irvine

"Green River creates a great pathway for students to achieve their goals. For me, this is like a dream come true. I never thought that I would get into top universites. The faculty and staff at Green River have been very helpful to me, they patiently guided me through the process so that I could achieve my goals.  I’m very grateful for that. "



photo of Anakin Cheuk Yin Yu

Anakin Yu

Hong Kong

Purdue University
Major: Aviation Management

"The variety of majors and the learning environment at Green River College essentially determined my achievements. I really enjoyed having classes in a classroom where it was easy to interact with professors. The tutoring centers were useful and I had the opportunity to work as an economics tutor.  The first Green River staff I contacted, Alvin, is an alumnus of Purdue. He shared some tips and experiences with me to get me prepared. My former advisor, Adam, assisted me a lot throughout the whole application process, such as transferring credits for me and providing me guidance on preparing the documents. One of my job supervisors, Erica, gave me tremendous support on my personal statement. I have gained a lot of insights working alongside them."



photo of Kirara Nagatsuka

Kirara Nagatsuka


University of Washington, Seattle
Major: Journalism
Also admitted to: UW Tacoma, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Albany, Temple University

"My experience at Green River College led me to explore my interests and enhance my skills. By participating in the school newspaper and radio station, I was able to figure out that this was what I wanted to do. The professors and advisors here really helped me when I was looking for jobs for my OPT. The professor from my radio class allowed me to have an awesome experience at Warm106.9 (KRWM-FM) for my OPT experience. The advisors cared about me and advised me with my application, especially when I was writing personal statements. GRC allowed me to make my first steps towards my dream."



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