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Olesia Bokhanovich Top Transfer from Russia

Olesia Bokhanovich


UC San Diego 
Also Admitted to: UC Santa Barbara
Major: Communication Studies/Psychology 

"Transferring to a university means being prepared for challenges and diverse opportunities in a completely new environment. GRC played a huge role in helping me become a person who feels ready for UC San Diego. Firstly, I can talk forever about the outstanding, involved and passionate faculty members. I am enormously grateful to spectacular professors at GRC who ensured that I'd leave this campus with a wide variety of perspectives, ideas, and detailed knowledge of different subjects. Also, the IP (International Programs) community played a significant part in helping me become who I am today. Lots of activities, events, and job opportunities in IP gave me a chance to grow socially and take up some leadership positions. Moreover, I loved the fact that at GRC I would never be left on my own with questions or problems that I might have had. An involved and resourceful community of professional employees are always ready to help and support!"



James (Yenjung) Chen Top Transfer

James (Yenjung) Chen


University of California - Los Angeles
Also Admitted to: UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC Davis, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: Finance/Analytics

 "I received a tremendous amount of help from the Green River College advisors and instructors for my personal statements. And I think that’s what made the difference for me to get into many top universities. Beyond the wonderful staff members here, I think GRC provided me a platform filled with endless opportunities to pursue and a beautiful environment full of amazing peers to grow with. Join us here. Try hard and play hard."



Zhanna Dzhumakadyrova Top Transfer from Kyrgyzstan

Zhanna Dzhumakadyrova


University of Toronto
Also admitted to: UC Davis
Major: Business 

"Green River College has helped me in so many ways, but most importantly it challenged me. The challenges that I faced both academically and socially have truly helped me to become a more well-rounded person with solid goals. Advisors, professors, my bosses have helped me discover the skills I never knew I had. I am truly grateful and lucky for all the incredible opportunities that I was given throughout my two years at GRC. Now I truly started to believe that with hard work and dedication, but most importantly a belief in yourself, you can achieve truly anything that your soul desires."



Kaung Akar Htut (Ace) Top Transfer from Myanmar

Kaung Akar Htut (Ace)


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Major: Computer Science

"Everything changed after I arrived at Green River College, especially my self-confidence. Before I was too shy and couldn't speak for myself. However, after spending time at GRC, and taking Communication courses, I was able to speak up in a crowd. Later, after doing so, a lot of opportunities presented themselves for me and I pursued as much as I could and here I am, accomplishing everything that I wanted."



Geyu (Roy) Huang Top Transfer from China

Geyu Huang (Roy)


University of Washington - Seattle
Also Admitted to: UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Major: Communications

"The most important thing that I learned from my time at Green River College is to be myself. Green River not only helped me to explore my interests of dancing and making videos, but it also provided me a lot of great chances to explore what I like and encouraged me to create something new besides studying. I finally found what I love and realized what kind of person I want to be in the future. I am so proud of being a Green River student and I will never forget this two-year beautiful memory at Green River College."



Claudea Jennefer Top Transfer from Indonesia

Claudea Jennefer


University of California, Berkeley
Also Admitted to: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA
Major: Applied Mathematics

Hearing about the High School Completion program in the US, I was eager to skip 2 years of high school by attending Green River College. Upon my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by International Programs (IP). Orientation helped me get connected to resources on campus, be involved in events and organizations, and gain volunteer and work experience. The housing program allowed me to live with an amazing host family for the past two years. I was treated like a family member and got to experience the life of an American teenager. They made me feel at home. IP also has an amazing advising team. They helped me to stay on track with my transfer plan and guided me every step of the way during my university application process. Altogether, Green River has not only prepared me to transfer academically but also gave me an unforgettable college experience."


Ardel Kardi Top Transfer from Indonesia

Pande Nyoman Ardelysti Kardi


University of Illinois—Urbana Campaign
Also Admitted to: University of California - San Diego, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Ohio State University
Major: Computer Science

"It’s been two years since I moved to Green River College and since I was a nervous 16-year-old who didn’t know what credit hours were. Frankly, I wasn’t well-versed in the US school system, but International Programs kept me in check with the fundamentals I needed to know to transfer to a four-year-university of my choice. I found that the College Experience program really helped me build this awareness, and the FFS mentorship program helped make my first quarter at Green River College memorable. The advisors at IP also provided me with an abundance of resources and support throughout my college journey. Advisors assist us with our classes at Green River College and my academic advisor helped me choose those that challenged me enough. I’ve learned many new things from instructors here that I actually apply in real life."



Anastasia Kudrina Top Transfer from Russia

Anastasia Kudrina


Hult International Business School - Boston
Major: Business

"During my studies at Green River, I was able to work in the International Programs office as a student advising assistant. I got an invaluable experience at planning events, creating weekly newsletters, university transfer lookbooks, brochures, posters and many more. I am very grateful for my supervisor Andrew Turgeon, who helped me to achieve my goals and gave me all the opportunities to do so. With that, I was able to put all the work I did in my resume, apply to my dream schools, and get accepted. I have never regretted coming to study at Green River because this place gave me memories, friends and invaluable opportunities."

Daan Pijs Top Transfer from The Netherlands

Daan Pijs

The Netherlands

University College Roosevelt
Major: Pre-Med

"Green River College changed my life; not only did I overcome my insecurities and nervousness, thanks to Green River, I also grew as a person and student. Their department of International Programs helped me a lot transferring to University College Roosevelt, with their university transfer pathway making it nice and organized to transfer to another university. I am thankful for my time here and all the friends I made from all over the world. I would do it all over again if I had the chance."

Ryu Matsuyama Top Transfer from Japan

Ryu Matsuyama


University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business
Also Admitted to: Simon Fraser University
Major: Business Marketing

"Choosing Green River College as my step to realizing my dream was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. GRC has a great environment in which you can study with people from all over the world and great instructors. Also, there are many opportunities to engage in campus activities and show your leadership as a part of this amazing community. It has been a wonderful experience for me to study and work hard here because I could learn lots of things that I would have never been able to learn without this school."



Haiyu She (Victor) Top transfer from China

Haiyu She (Victor)


New York University
Also Admitted to: Boston University, Indiana University-Bloomington, Fordham University
Major: Economics & Mathematics

"Attending Green River College was absolutely a wise decision for me, because it created a shortcut to further pursue my bachelor's degree. The competition when transferring is not as intense as applying directly from high school. Green River College gave me an extra two years to further improve my grades, enrich my resumé, and learn to make peace with all sorts of uncertainties. With these advancements, I became more capable in pursuing better universities and more adaptive to university life. Thanks to Green River’s excellent faculty, staff, and its academically friendly  environment, I have ultimately realized something that I had never dared to think."


Daniel Tampubolon Top Transfer from Indonesia

Juan F. Daniel Tampubolon


University of Michigan
Also Admitted to: Ohio State University
Major: Computer Science

"Green River offers a tremendous amount of resources for international students and a great environment for learning. It's amazing to see how dedicated their faculty, staff, and administrators are to help students. At Green River, I got to be taught by professors who were passionate and amazing in their field. I was able to get to know my professors really well and establish great relationships with them. I believe their joy for teaching their respective subjects contributed greatly to my overall learning process. Some have even become my mentors guiding me in every way possible. Furthermore, I have had a great adviser throughout my time at GRC. There are no words to describe how helpful he was. He would always be willing to help out in any situation and answer all the questions that I would have. I wouldn't have gotten in without his knowledge of the transfer admission process. Without a doubt, I'm glad that I went to GRC."



Tin Tun Top Transfer from Myanmar

Tin Tun


Virginia Tech
Also Admitted to: University of Maryland
Major: Aerospace Engineering

"Green River College has not only provided me an opportunity to transfer to my dream school but also prepared me for the academic environment that I will encounter there. The instructors and advisers here are very approachable. They have helped me a lot with the stuff that I probably wouldn't have figured out on my own. Green River College also has lots of outdoor activities that made my stay here really memorable. I have made lots of friends over the two years that I have stayed here. They are from all around the world.  I will miss them a lot when I transfer. Overall, I really think Green River College has provided me a path to success."



Patricia Wendy Top Transfer from Indonesia

Patricia Wendy


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Also Admitted to: UCLA, University of Washington-Seattle, UC San Diego, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Major: Civil Engineering

"Green River College offers three things that encourages students to be well-rounded and transfer-ready individuals: amazing programs of studies, supportive human resources, and limitless leadership and service opportunities. In my field of civil engineering, all the prerequisites I need to transfer are available on campus and are taught by faculties who genuinely care for their students. My advisors were knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help me during the application process. In addition, Green River College has numerous student organizations where I could connect with people from all over the world and build my leadership skills. For instance, as the secretary for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society on campus, I had the opportunity to give back to the community by helping the city clean up graffiti every month and hosting various volunteer opportunities for students.

Through these three things, I believe Green River has not only helped me be prepared academically to face more challenging courses, but also made me a better and more open-minded student."



Mitchell Zhen Top Transfer from China

Mitchell Zhen


University of Washington - Seattle
Also Admitted to: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Arizona State University, Indiana University-Bloomington
Major: Business Management

"Green River College helped me a lot when I first came to study in the US. Thanks to its unique international program and smaller class sizes, I quickly adapted to the college life in the US which is drastically different from that of my home country. With help from my advisors, I clearly mapped out a path that led me to my ideal career and my dream university. I took courses related to my major and participated in many events, clubs, and on-campus jobs. After two years, I became a successful transfer student,  familiar with college life and clear about my major. Green River saved me time, energy, and money in pursuit of my ultimate goals."



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