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Raiymbeck Alibeck Top Transfer from Kazakhstan

Raiymbek (Rae) Alibek


University of California, San Diego
Also Admitted to: UC Riverside, CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach
Major: Computer Engineering/ Robotics 

"I am grateful to many people at Green River College. Without them my fate would have been totally different. First of all, the people who accepted me in their home, my host family, Cyndi and Rob Rapiers. They taught me the right morals and values so that I could grow as an individual. Secondly, my CS teachers, Raminderpal Gill and Michael Wood, they have taught me not only programming but great practical skills. Thirdly, my advisor, Mr Kerry Kwon who always guided me through the uncertainty with the application process and my Educational Plan. Fourthly, my supervisors, Mrs Butcher and Mrs Palmer who were always ready to assist me. Lastly, all of my friends and teachers who I met at GRC and who changed me bit by bit into the person I am today! Thank you, Green River!"


Wei Yun Chua Top Transfer from Malaysia

Wei Yun Chua


University of Washington - Foster School of Business
Also Admitted to: Boston University, Northeastern University, UC San Diego, UCI, Pepperdine University
Major: Business Administration (Finance)

"I cannot express my gratitude enough to my professors, advisors, bosses, and peers that I received enormous help from at Green River College . This school provided me with a unique and satisfying platform to network, reach for my goals, get involved, and go beyond my limitations. Professors were extremely passionate and helpful. I was able to learn more about my academic and career path through interacting with them. My advisor, Zachary Williams, also helped me tremendously with my college applications. In addition, I was able to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures by joining clubs and holding different positions on campus. GRC has not only helped me succeed academically, but it was also a stepping stone for me to grow as a well-rounded individual, gaining traits that will help me succeed throughout the rest of my life."



Jae Heo top transfer from South Korea

Jae Seong Heo

South Korea

Parsons School of Design
Also Admitted to: University of Rochester, George Washington University, Brandeis University
Major: Interdepartmental Studies

"There were so many college options for me. The initial reason I chose Green River College was because it had nicer dormitories compared to other colleges. However,  I can now firmly say, GRC changed my life a lot. GRC has many positive things for international students. First, GRC has an excellent environment for study.  The college location is not near downtown, so I could focus on my studies and feel safer than living in a busy urban area. Another benefit for students are various programs. I enjoyed student clubs, organizations, and some other parties (Orientation, Halloween, Lunar New Year, etc.), which made me feel refreshed in my college study life. The GRC advisers helped me to fit into college life and also helped me transfer to progressive universities.  I am wholeheartedly thankful for all the help and I wil never forget my first US life at GRC. If you have not decided on a college yet, I encourage you to choose Green River College! Keep running towards your goals; GRC will help you in many ways!"


Kyi Htike Top Transfer from Myanmar

Kyi Tha Nan Htike (Kyi)


University of Washington - Seattle
Also admitted to: University of Minnesota, University of Illinois at Chicago, New York Institute of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Major: Electrical Engineering

My time at Green River College was filled with memories, warmth, and joy. GRC helped me to achieve my life goals, and I made ever-lasting memories with life-long friends. GRC not only provided me with a world-class education, but also employed me with two on-campus jobs. I had the privilege of working as a Peer-Mentor and a Student Help Desk Employee. I am very delighted to be a part of the community where I made many wonderful and diverse friends. My college life was more fantastic than I expected. The classes are small in size and the resources are very overwhelming. The instructors are very helpful, approachable, and friendly. The advisors are also super supportive, informative, and outgoing. I am not the same person as I was before I came to GRC, and I am grateful to say that GRC influenced my life in a very positive way, especially in terms of social life and academics.

Francie Igboabuchi Top Transfer from Nigeria

Ifesinachi (Francie) Igboabuchi


Arizona State University
Also admitted to: Northern Arizona University, Baylor University and University of Arizona
Major: Pre-Med

"The past two years of my life has been the best and most rewarding journey of my life so far. Looking back on all the obstacles that I overcame; I am extremely grateful that it happened here at Green River College because I couldn’t think of a more supportive community than my GRC family. In the past two years, I have learned many academically beneficial skills like time management, critical thinking, and especially creativity as it applies to learning and studying. I have also learned soft skills from my working and volunteering experiences, and I know that my GRC journey has set me up for the next chapter of my life. Here’s to all the times that we got it wrong and learned from it! A huge thank you to GRC for an amazing experience!"

Delaney Doan Nguyen Thuc Top Transfer from Vietnam

Doan Nguyen Thuc Le (Delaney)


Seattle Pacific University
Major: Nursing

"Green River College taught me to become a better student/employee/person, to see the opportunity hidden in every challenge, and wholeheartedly understand the quote "We rise by lifting others." At GRC, I did not (have to) go through anything alone – there are so many helpful resources on campus that support students not only academically, but also financially and mentally. Besides academic courses, I also learned and gained much experience from my jobs, volunteer activities, involvement in clubs/organizations. Also, as an international student, I love how diverse and different, yet so friendly and welcoming GRC is. Shout out to IP staff who really do their best to help us students achieve our goals. They encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, believe in my potential, and be responsible for my dream. I would not make it this far without the support/help from the staff, professors, and my friends at GRC. Go Gators!"


Russel Limbert Top Transfer from Indonesia

Russel Limbert


University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Also Admitted to: Seattle University
Major: Business (Finance)

"Throughout my studies at Green River College, I gained many invaluable experiences. I became a member of student government, a receptionist in the International Programs office, and an economics tutor. But what’s equally important is how GRC provided me with the best advisors and instructors that were willing to help my dream of transferring into the best business school in Canada become a reality. Whether you want to transfer into top US school or top Canadian school, GRC provides advisors that are passionate about helping you make your dream come true, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and do your best. Plus, you will have a very diverse international experience like no other. I got to know many amazing friends from various countries. I would definitely recommend you to start your journey at GRC. Go Gators!"

Helena Pratama TopTransfer from Indonesia

Helena Pratama


Cornell University - SC Johnson College of Business
Also Admitted to: Baruch College, Queens College at the City University of New York, New York University
Major: Applied Economics and Management

"I personally think the best part of attending Green River College is their awesome international advising program, which really helped me plan out my classes to maximize my potential and bring out the best in me! Although some of the classes my advisor planned sounded really daunting at first, like calculus, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my professors. While I can’t lie and say that I’ve never struggled in my classes, my professors have been nothing but understanding with me. The international student body is extremely diverse as well, but the opportunities available here at GRC to explore are even more so! I’ve had the chance to meet with awesome fellow students from all over the world and all paths of life who are just as motivated, if not way more, to be future leaders. I can’t honestly find a more supportive college community around!"

Pich Seng Top transfer class of 2020

Pichpanharath Seng


Seattle University
Also Admitted to: Pacific Lutheran University, Central Washington University
Major: Political Science (Legal Studies), minor in Philosophy

"Green River College exposed me to numerous opportunities that expanded my college experiences and introduced me to the bigger picture. Its inclusive and friendly community further encouraged me to join various activities that would broaden my knowledge of cultural competency—participating in the Global Leadership Program, volunteering, and being employed. Over and above, Green River is an institution that recognizes all students, and aids the pursuance of their dreams through offering various types of scholarships, namely merit-based and need-based in which I was also eligible for. Remarkably, people from the International Program Department are dedicated to helping international students succeed. For instance, my advisor as well as the drop-in advisors, effectively assisted me in applying and transferring to my current university. For these reasons, I strongly encourage other incoming international students to attend GRC as a first resort, for it prepares you to go anywhere from there."

Tianyue Tang Top Transfer from China

Tianyue (Tiana) Tang


University of Washington - Foster School of Business
Also Admitted to: UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, University of Florida
Major: Business

"The curriculum at Green River College is very comprehensive. The diversified environment enabled me to integrate into local life better and faster. The instructors are responsible and not only helped me with my schoolwork but also gave me some good life advice. The advisors from the International Programs office were very careful and helped me make plans and answer my questions with my applications. There are many interesting clubs at Green River College to enrich your extracurricular life. I participated in ASGRC (Vice President) and actively participated in many school activities."

Chee Jian Tey Top Transfer from Malaysia

Chee Jian Tey (CJ)


University of California, Los Angeles
Also Admitted to: UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Georgia Institute of Technology
Major: Mechanical Engineering

"Green River College has great professors who are passionate about teaching. I enjoyed the relatively small classroom experience that I could easily receive help from. GRC also offers many resources, such as the Math Learning Center and the English Writing Center, that provided me with excellent academic support. At GRC, I found many volunteer and work experiences that allowed me to improve my personal skills. I have also improved my leadership skills from clubs and organizations that I participated in. The thing that I loved the most about GRC was that it doesn't limit your ideas to host events, campaigns, and clubs. You can receive support from the school to carry out the ideas or campaigns that you are passionate about. Furthermore, the staff at International Programs were very responsive and helpful. They made sure that every international student could adapt to college life and succeed academically."


Thoon Phyo Shwe Yi Win Than Top transfer from Myanmar

Thoon Phyo Shwe Yi Win Than


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Also admitted to: New Jersey Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology, University of Illinois
Major: Architecture

I would not be where I am today, and for that I owe a huge thanks to Green River College. Thanks for opening doors to so many opportunities and for setting me up to succeed. I got to spread my wings and become the best version of myself on campus, and I got to be a part of memorable experiences and one-of-a-kind opportunities that I don't think I would have found anywhere else. I would not have survived my college journey without my friends, instructors, and my lovely family all by my side. I would like to thank my advisor, Zack Williams, and our Burmese club advisor, Alvin Tai, for supporting me over the past two years. I am so grateful to have Mary and Seth as my supervisors for giving me guidance to become a responsible mentor for my mentees. GRC was my second home and will always be. I look forward to coming back and giving back to my college that gave me so much.


Jisoo Yu Top Transfer from South Korea

Jisoo Yu

South Korea

University of California, Los Angeles
Also Admitted to: UC Santa Babara. UC San Diego. UC Davis. UC Santa Cruz. 
Major: Environmental Studies

"Endless challenges and sincerity made me who I am now. It was tough and sometimes cruel to be a away from my home and family, but with the GRC community, I was able to go forward. From 2018 September till now, I have been doing various activities at school. I steadily participated in volunteer work and clubs provided by the school.  These experiences made me more special. Ending my academic life in GRC, I feel sad but also grateful that I can now see the bigger world!"

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