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Merel van Keulen Top Transfer from The Netherlands

Merel van Keulen

The Netherlands

University of Groningen
Major: Political Science

"When I started at Green River I did not really think about what came after Green River, during my time there I visited the transfer fair but could not really find a school that I wanted to go to. Until I heard from my advisor that there was a university in my home country that had a bachelor program that fit my Associate Degree in Political Science. I was immediately interested I wanted to know more about it so I set up a meeting with my advisor and discussed my options to apply at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Green River helped me with transferring by giving me a lot of information on what the requirements were. Specific information like which classes were mandatory in order to transfer to Groningen, what steps I had to take so I could transfer, and they also reached out to Groningen to let them know that I was interested."

Jolie (Phuong) Tran Top Transfer from Vietnam

Jolie (Phuong) Tran


University of Washington Seattle
Also Admitted to: University of Illinois Urbana-​Champaign, University of California, Irvine, University of British Columbia, San Diego State University
Major: Data Science

"The experience at Green River College nourished and gave me the confidence to apply to top universities. GRC has an amazing advising staff. I had a very dedicated academic advisor who helped me with my education plan for my whole study time at GRC based on what major I was interested in and which universities I was planning to apply to. During my application process, my advisor walked me through everything I was unsure about. I do appreciate my advisor giving me his time reviewing and giving me helpful feedback on each of my essays. He was very patient with helping me through the whole process and I feel very grateful for it. Moreover, GRC offers lots of courses that are not only meant to prepare you for transferring but specifically, if you have UW in mind, then it has a lot of transferable courses equivalent to UW, which allows you to save time in your junior and senior year at UW."

Isabelle Supandji Top Transfer from Indonesia

Isabelle Chloe Supandji


University of California Los Angeles
Also Admitted to: University of Michigan, University of Washington Foster School of Business, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics

"I would consider Green River College as my home away from home. Coming to GRC, I was discouraged after enduring a difficult college application process where I was rejected from my dream universities in the US. But when I came here, I was welcomed with open arms to a diverse and supportive community. At Green River, I made meaningful connections with people from around the world, took challenging classes with knowledgeable and understanding instructors, and immersed myself in various opportunities that facilitated my growth. Green River has taught me to be a holistic learner in and out of the classroom. Through the Gator Activities Board, Violence Prevention Center, ASGRC, and PTK I was able to develop not only as a student but also as a leader and member of the community. The two years I spent here have molded my character for the better and lead me to be accepted in my dream university, UCLA. For future gators, I want to say that from Green River, you can truly go anywhere! And a massive Good Luck!"

Bianca Sabatini Top Transfer from Indonesia

Bianca Sabatini


University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Also Admitted to: University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and University of California Irvine
Major: Management Information Systems and Finance

"Coming to Green River College was the best decision I've ever made. In addition to an excellent academic program, Green River College provides a comprehensive college experience. I feel I learned more than just how to get good grades and transfer to a prestigious university. I also learned how to have a balanced life while socializing and attending college. Here, I immersed myself in the core of diversity, supported by people coming from vastly different backgrounds. Numerous clubs, organizations, and student employment were among the other important aspects of Green River. I'm grateful for these opportunities to hone my leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. I believe that what I learned will benefit me both now and in the future. Thank you for giving me a solid foundation for my upcoming career! Go Gators!"

Jaemin Kim Top Transfer from South Korea

Jaemin Kim

South Korea

Georgia Tech
Also Admitted to: University of Washington, University of Minnesota, Arizona State University
Major: Mechanical Engineering

"The two things I like the most about Green River college are the diverse community and endless opportunities to enhance your experience. As an international student, it was quite frightening when I first arrived in the US. However, the moment I entered Green River College, I forgot that I was in the US, it was a mixed hub of multinational students and communities, which instantly made me feel like part of them, not a stranger. Also, the opportunities I got as a math tutor, peer mentor, ASGRC senate, and variety of clubs not only made my application look appealing but enhanced me as a person with leadership skills, communication skills, and collaboration skills."

Gyeongjoo Cho Top Transfer from South Korea

Gyeongjoo Cho

South Korea

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Campus
Major: Aeronautical Science

"The reason I decided to study at the Green River College to begin the second chapter of my life as a pilot, was the fact that GRC is the leading college for aviation majors in the Pacific Northwest. Even though I never had an in-person class because of the pandemic, I experienced top-notch lectures by the instructors. The faculty were remarkably friendly, always ready to listen, and advisors provided valuable advice for students hoping to transfer to other universities. I was pleased with the quality of every class I had, not only classes related to my major but other electives as well. GRC also has numerous programs to assist students who struggle with a particular subject such as a writing center and math learning center, which both helped me to understand the basic concepts and eventually acquire prominent outcomes. I also found that the physical location of the college was convenient for aviation majors since it takes about 5 minutes by car to the nearest airport, Auburn municipal airport. I would happily and confidently recommend Green River College to prospective students who are on the fence since we are ready to support students with ample quality programs. I will never forget and am proud of the fact that I was one of the Gators."

Adeline Candra Top Transfer from Indonesia

Adeline Candra


University of Texas at Austin
Also Admitted to: University of North Carolina and Ohio State University 
Major: Finance

"My experience at Green River College was nothing but valuable. The quality education supported by the most passionate and helpful instructors helped to push me to my greatest potential. The vast opportunities available also prepared me to become the well-rounded person I aspired to be. I was able to strengthen my leadership skills by becoming an officer in both clubs that shared similar goals with me. Though my time at GRC had to be cut short, I was given the opportunity to contribute to the community by participating in a number of volunteer activities. Not to mention, the people, staff, and faculty members were incredibly supportive. They are always willing to take one step further to help you grow and achieve your dreams. I believe that my experience here is what allowed me to become a competitive applicant. I can now definitely say that 'you can go anywhere from here.' "

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