Assessment & Testing Center

Student Instructions and Responsibilities

We look forward to serving you in the Assessment & Testing Center this quarter. To make your experience efficient and
hassle free, please review the following policies and procedures.

Hours of operation: in general we try to maintain a wide range of open hours to accommodate all students’ needs. We will post any special closures online as well as on our voicemail 253-833-9111 x2650. To make sure we will be open when you plan to test, check our hours online at If the college is closed due to inclement weather, the Assessment & Testing Center will also be closed. No exams and assessments will be given out within 30 minutes of closing. Tests must be completed in one session.

When you come to test

  • Before you get in line to test:
    • Use the bathroom – you will not be able to leave in the middle of a test for a break of any kind
    • Turn off and put away your cell phone and any other electronic devices
    • Have your Green River Student ID card ready (available in the Library and Bookstore, no fee for the first card, $5 for a replacement card)
    • Know the name of your instructor and class for which you are testing, for example:
      • Smith’s English 101 class
    • Put away all class materials
    • If you are allowed notes or a calculator, have those and any pens or pencils out of your bag
    • If your test requires a Scantron, please have Your Name, Subject, Date, and Instructor’s Name filled out in PEN
  • Before going into the testing room:
    • Complete the sign-in for “Instructional Testing”
    • Time stamp your test “IN” on the back of the Scantron, the back page of the exam, or the note paper on which you will write your answers
    • Pick up 1 or 2 pieces of scratch paper if necessary – you may not use your own scratch paper

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cheating will NOT be tolerated - any cheating or other incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to your instructor and the campus Student Conduct system.

  • Inside the testing room:
    • Please be respectful of other testers and quietly enter and exit the room
    • No electronics are permitted, with the exception of calculators, if allowed for your test
    • Place your Photo ID on the green card as indicated
    • If you are allowed notes or a calculator, place the card indicating the allowed material in the metal stand located on the green card
  • Coming out of the testing room:
    • Time stamp your test “OUT” next to the “IN” time stamp on your exam
    • Hand your test, answer sheet, and any cards, notes, and scratch paper to the testing staff

If you ever have any questions, please talk with a testing center staff member.