College Success

English and Reading Assessment

Placement in English and reading can be determined through an online assessment called College Success.

Assessment Details

  • Photo ID required
  • Test Fee: No fee for Green River students (must have student ID number). Non-students pay $10 per test
  • Time: untimed, testing can be paused and resumed at a later time or date, plan to allow 1 to 1.5 hours to complete
  • Mode: computer based
  • Process: offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours at the main campus, offered by appointment only at the Kent and Enumclaw Campuses

Retake Policy

There is a set waiting period of 1 day, 30 days and 90 days between attempts.

  • Between the initial test and the 1st retake there is a 1 day waiting period
  • Between retake 1 and retake 2 there is a 30 day waiting period
  • Between retake 2 and retake 3, and any additional retakes, there is a 90 day waiting period.


To prepare for the College Success, students are encouraged to

  • Click here to access the College Success practice assessment.
  • Check out the resources in the Essential College Skills section of the Holman Library, on the second floor past the Reference Desk on the right side wall.

Placement Levels

Placement is available in the following courses with the appropriate minimum score

50-71 TS 062-086* 
72-81  TS 062-086/READ 084** or ENGL 097 
82-90  READ 094/ENGL 081 or ENGL 097 
91-94  READ 104/ENGL 099 
95-100  READ 104/ENGL 099 or ENGL& 101/ENGL 117 
101-150  ENGL& 101 

*International Students only: a score of 50-71 places you into IP 098, contact your advisor for registration questions.
** International Students only: a score of 72-81 gives you a choice between READ 084 or IP 098, contact your advisor to discuss your options.

Related Placement Services

Distance Proctoring

Students who reside outside driving distance to the college may request distance proctoring for our three placement assessments. Students can choose to have the assessment(s) proctored at another higher education institution in their area or online through ProctorU. Distance proctoring has additional fees payable to the institution at which the test is proctored or to ProctorU. Please review the Green River Placement Exams info sheet, then complete and submit the Distance Placement Proctoring Request form to request this service. After your request is submitted, you must wait for the Assessment and Testing Center to send you an email confiming your request. Assessments taken without confirmation will not be honored.  

Requesting Placement Scores

Students who need a copy of their placement scores for use at other institutions may request those to be emailed, faxed, mailed or picked-up in person at the Main Campus in Auburn. Please complete and submit the Placement Score Request form to request scores.