Distance Placement Proctoring Request

Students who wish to take their assessment(s) may do so remotely

Assessments are proctored through the Canavs Learning Management System using a Google Chrome Extension called Honorlock.

Retake policies apply to all assessments taken remotely - scores that do not follow the policy waiting periods are not valid and will not be recorded for course eligibility. After taking the assessment one time you must wait one (1) day to take it a second time, then seven (7) days to take it a third time, then 30 days to take it a fourth time.

Students may not attempt multiple levels of the WAMAP assessment in the same day.

What you will need to take your assessments through Honorlock:

  • Must use a computer, laptop, or Chromebook
    • Tablets and phones are not supported
  • One form of photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, school ID, passport, military ID, etc.)
  • A working webcam and microphone
  • A strong internet connection
  • A private room to test in
  • Approved testing materials:
    • WAMAP: Scratch paper, Calculator, pencil
    • College Success: Scratch paper and pencil

*If you do not have access to one or more these items, please contact us to discuss options for you to take your assessment(s):

First Time Test Taker

First time taking a WAMAP or College Success assessment.

Retaking a Test

Retaking College Success or WAMAP at the same level.