Placement Reciprocity

While Green River College campuses have restricted access, all placement assessments may be taken remotely. 

You must have a Green River student ID number to complete placement. If you have not yet applied to the college, please do so now at

Remote Placement Proctoring Options

Placement Reciprocity

This policy allows Green River to accept placement options offered by any other Community or Technical College within Washington State. Students may submit documentation showing eligibility for English, math, or other courses using any of the following placement options.

NOTE: The below options are current as of March 2022. This list may not include all options currently available. If you believe you meet eligibility not listed here, please submit your documentation as instructed below and include the name of the college that accepts that documentation for placement.

English 101 or 101/117

ACT Reading and English 19 or higher 5 years
GED (2014 or later)  145 or higher 10 years
High School GPA  Running Start:

3 or more semesters

5 years
10 years

IELTS  Writing 5.0 or higher
Overall 6.0 or higher
2 years 
SAT Combined English 470 or higher
510 or higher

2 years
5 years

TOEFL  Writing: 17 or higher
Total: 64 or higher
2 years 


Exact course placement is determined by score/grade and time since completion

ACT Math 22 or higher                 5 years                      
GED (2014 or later)  145 or higher  10 years 
High School Transcripts   C+ or better  5 years 
SAT Math 540 or higher  5 years 


  1. Please submit all transcripts and score reports to the Placement and Course Eligibility Secure Document Upload tool
  2. Check the email account you provide on the form for confirmation that your request has been processed