WAMAP Math Entrance Exam

WAMAP Math Entrance Exams

Math placement can be achieved through online Math Entrance exams using the Washington Mathematics Assessment and Placement (WAMAP) testing platform.  

  • Test Fee: No fee for Green River students. Non-students pay $10 per test.
  • Time: Untimed, plan to allow at least 1 to 1.5 hours to complete this assessment
  • Mode: Computer based
  • Process: Offered on a drop-in basis during all open hours at the main campus, offered by appointment only at the Kent and Enumclaw Campuses. Students should take the test for the math class they are attempting to enter. For example, if you wish to get into Math 072, take WAMAP for Math 072.
  • Calculator Use: Calculators are allowed for all WAMAP exams for MATH 070 and above.

Getting Started

To access the Math Placement Exam Review Course:

  1. Go to www.wamap.org
  2. Click on "Register as a new student"
  3. Enter your information
    1. The Course ID is 12499
    2. There is no Enrollment Key
    3. You may see a "Browser Check" page. If so, click the "Continue with Image-based display" button.
  4. Login to the account you created
  5. Click on "GRC Math Placement Review"
  6. Click on the class you want to test for
  7. Click the "Pre-Test" link to start your pre-test

Need help? Ask a Math Teacher!
Email Green River instructor Rob Jonas at rjonas@greenriver.edu with questions or to schedule an appointment for assistance.

Please Note: WAMAP must be completed in one testing session. Testers are not able to stop testing and return at a later time or date to finish. WAMAP is untimed but takes an average of 1 hour to complete. If a test must be ended due to the center closing that test will count and you will be held to the retake guidelines. 

Placement is available in the following courses with the appropriate minimum score (calculator allowance as listed):

Math CourseExam LevelScorePlacement
062   0   00-74  TS Course 
75-99 Math 062 
070   1    00-59  No Placement, must reassess 
60-74  Math 062 
75-99  Math 070 
072    2    00-59  No Placement, must reassess 
60-74  Math 070 
75-99  Math 072 
097    3    00-59  No Placement, must reassess 
60-74  Math 072 
75-99  Math 097 
&141/&146/&171/107/147 4     00-59  No Placement, must reassess 
60-69  Math 097 
70-74  Math &107/108/147;
*PHIL &120 
75-99  Math &141/&146/&171 
&142/&148/256 5   0-69  No Placement, must reassess 
70-99 Math &142/&148/256 
&151/106    6    00-44  No Placement, must reassess 
45-69  Math 106 
70-99  Math &151 

*PHIL& 120 fulfills the Quantitative Skills/Symbolic Reasoning requirement for the Associate in Arts (AA-DTA) degree.

Retake Guidelines

There is a set waiting period of 1 day, 30 days and 90 days between attempts.

  • Between the initial test and the 1st retake there is a 1 day waiting period
  • Between retake 1 and retake 2 there is a 30 day waiting period
  • Between retake 2 and retake 3, and any additional retakes, there is a 90 day waiting period

Requesting Placement Scores

Students who have already taken an assessment and need a copy of their placement scores for use at other institutions may request those to be emailed, faxed, mailed or picked-up in person at the Main Campus in Auburn. Please complete and submit the Placement Score Request form to request scores. Please be aware that placement scores are valid for two years. After two years, the scores will no longer give placement. 

Distance Proctoring

Students who reside outside of driving distance to the college may request distance proctoring for our three placement assessments. Students can choose to have the assessment(s) proctored at another higher education institution in their area or online through ProctorU. Distance proctoring has additional fees payable to the institution at which the test is proctored or to ProctorU. Please complete and submit the Distance Placement Proctoring Request form to request this service. After your request is submitted, you must wait for the Assessment and Testing Center to send you an email confirming your request. Assessments taken without confirmation will not be honored.