GED® Testing

GED® Testing

The GED® exam consists of four subject tests:

  • Mathematical Reasoning (120 minutes English & Spanish)
  • Reasoning through Language Arts (155 minutes English, 147 minutes Spanish)
  • Science (95 minutes English & Spanish)
  • Social Studies (95 minutes English & Spanish)

Registering for and Scheduling Testing

All testing registration, scheduling and score reporting are managed through

Each subject costs $30. Payment must be made online, with a debit or credit card, to complete the scheduling process. If you do not have a debit or credit card to pay online you may purchase a voucher code from the Assessment & Testing Center with cash or check.

Eligibility for Testing

Individuals may take the GED® if they are age 19 or older.

Individuals 16-18 years of age may take the GED® with an original, signed “Request for Approval to Test for Certificate of Educational Competence” form.

  1. Obtain the approval form from:
    1. Currently or recently enrolled: the last school attended or the school district office
    2. Not enrolled: the school district office in which you would be enrolled
    3. Home-schooled: the school district office in which you would be enrolled, or have a parent or guardian provide a notarized letter indicating completion of a home-school program
  2. Begin the registration process online at
  3. Submit your original, signed, approval form to the Assessment & Testing Center for processing
  4. Within two business days of submitting the form, complete the registration process and schedule your tests

GED® Preparation Courses

Green River offers High School Equivalency preparation classes each quarter for a $25 tuition charge.

To sign up for preparation classes:

  1. Complete the online application for admissions
  2. Complete the CASAS assessment - allow 2.5 hours for testing, bring your Student ID number (SID) and a photo ID to RLC 125, hours vary, please call 253-833-9111, ext. 2315 for more information
  3. Sign up for preparation classes upon completion of the CASAS assessment, on a space available basis
  4. Pay the $25 tuition fee 

Getting Transcripts

All score transcripts are managed through

  • Testers completing January 2014 or later can log into their account to review scores and request transcripts.
  • Testers completing prior to 2014 will be guided to the appropriate place to request a transcript