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Since 1976 Green River College and Washington State Department of Health have been partners in administering drinking water certification program activities.

Through its interagency agreements Washington Certification Services is responsible for:

  • Administering the State Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) Certification Program and examinations
  • Administering the State Waterworks Operator Professional Growth Program
  • Providing training curriculum evaluation and accreditation services to course sponsors

Over 4000 public water systems in Washington are required to have a certified operator to ensure safe and reliable drinking water for our seven million citizens. Backflow Assembly Testers that inspect, test and repair backflow prevention assemblies that protect our public water systems from dangerous contaminants must be certified and demonstrate competency by passing the state's written and performance examinations. Washington Certification Services provides programs, services and resources for drinking water operators and Backflow Assembly Testers that assist them in:

  • Attaining state certification
  • Meeting continuing education requirements
  • Achieving career advancement goals
  • Protecting the health of Washington's citizens

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