Meet the Staff

The team in the Career and Advising Center are dedicated in supporting students to navigate higher learning to achieve their educational and/or career goals.

Amy Davidson – Educational Planner, Career/Technology programs

Employed at Green River since: 2012
Education: B.A. in Social Sciences, minor in Psychology and Accessibility Studies from Central Washington University
Specialty: Career and Technical advising
Notable Fact: Amy enjoys travel, cooking and quoting lines from movies like Young Frankenstein and The Princess Bride. Her long term career plan includes living in a house on a beach and getting paid to spend her time writing stories with happy endings.

Aileen Arsenio – Educational Planner, Transfer

Employed at Green River since: 2015
Education: B.A. in Comparative Ethnic Studies at WSU, pursuing an M.Ed in Student Development Administration at Seattle University
Specialty: Transfer Advising
Notable Fact: Collects pens and sneakers, is a huge Disney fan, and is a foodie who is always open to trying new things!

Srey Chea – Career and Advising Manager

Employed at Green River since: 2008 - 2011; Outreach Coordinator, September 2014 - present; Educational Planner
Education: B.A. Urban Studies from the University of Washington
SpecialtyGetting Started, orientation and employment services
Notable Fact: I enjoy riding my 150cc scooter when weather permits.

Yesenia Escoto, Program Specialist

Employed at Green River since: April 2017
Education: B.A. in Sociology, double minor in Spanish and Criminal Justice
Specialty: Front office logistics, campus resource referral, Spanish language and interpretation, admin. support, and making connections
Notable Fact: First generation to graduate from a University. Excited to help students navigate through higher education and reach their goals. I have a love for the outdoors and I enjoy hikes with my best friend Jerry, he is the best Lab-a-dork! I also enjoy traveling and embracing new cultures and traditions.

Sophia Giakoumatos - Educational Planner, Health Occupations

Employed at Green River since: 2019
EducationB.A. in Medical Anthropology & Global Health, B.S. in General Biology, minor in Nutritional Sciences, University of Washington; M.S. in Disability Services in Higher Education, City University of New York
SpecialtyHealth Sciences programs
Notable Fact: Enjoys attending concerts and playing board or card games.

Phil Smith – Educational Planner, Transitions, High School, & Career/Technical

Employed at Green River since: 2008
Education: B.A., M.A. in English, M.A. in Education
Specialty: Transitions advising
Notable Fact: Phil is interested in backgammon, opera and jazz, traditional Northwest Indian weaving, Chinese health and movement arts, such as Chi Kung and Tai Chi, among other things.

Josh Staffieri - Career Specialist

Employed at Green River since: 2007
Education: B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Diego, M.S. in Education and College Student Personnel from Miami University, Ohio
Specialty: Career Planning; New students advising; Occupational and Physical Therapy advising; Generalist
Notable Fact: Josh has been helping students with their educational and career development since 2002 in both public, private, four-year and two-year higher education institutions. He utilizes a number of career self-assessments, and is Green River's resident expert for Gallup's breakthrough assessment, StrengthsQuest, a tool that helps identify individuals' top five talents. Josh is a Southern California native who is still looking for a Washington State beach completely void of rocks.

Allison Warner - Director of Career and Advising

Employed at Green River since: 2004
Education: B.A. Psychology from the University of Washington, Seattle, M.Ed. in Student Development Administration at Seattle University
Specialty: Advising, Completion
Notable Fact: Prior to working in education, Allison worked in public relations and originally studied to be a primatologist.

Connie Poleski – General Advising

Employed at Green River since: 2006
Education: B.A. in American Ethnic Studies
Specialty: Generalist Advising
Notable Fact: I enjoy working with students and helping them work towards their goals and dreams.

Tori Engstrom, Educational Planner-Transfer 

Employed at Green River since: November 2018 
Education: B.S. in Psychology at Western Washington University and M. Ed. in Student Development Administration at Seattle University 
Specialty: University transfer and first year advising 
Notable Fact: I am the oldest of five children from a low-income family and I was first in my family to graduate with a Bachelors degree and Masters degree. I am trans/non-binary and use he/him/his pronouns. I love getting to work with students 1:1 and help them discover their educational/career pathways. Music is a huge part of my life, I love to sing and dance, go to live shows, and discover new music. I enjoy the rainy weather, hiking trails, and forests that the PNW has to offer 
Specialty: Transfer Advising 
Notable Fact: In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, participating in outdoor activities, and creating handmade cards. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Due to COVID 19, the Career and Advising Center office is serving students virtually.

Please contact us via phone: 253-288-3482, or visit us in our Zoom virtual lobby available on the Green River College Virtual Assistance page.

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