Bachelor’s in Forest Resource Management

About Our Program

Earn a great living wage in a high demand field. Make a difference in your community. Reach your potential.

Make your dream of an outdoor career in natural resources a reality with the most affordable and applied forestry program in the Northwest!

  • More than 40 percent in savings compared to other state and regional universities with Natural Resources Bachelor's degree programs.
  • Small class sizes and individual attention support your success.
  • Faculty have the ideal combination of advanced degrees in forestry, industry experience and certifications.
  • State of the art equipment and technology provided for student use.   

"Everyone here wants you to succeed....we quickly become a family in this program...." -Green River Natural Resources Graduate 

When we surveyed local forestry employers 76 percent said that a Bachelor's degree was their preferred qualification and that demand currently exceeds supply of technically qualified employees. Earning your Bachelor's degree will increase your opportunity to obtain senior level permanent positions in Natural Resources.

Be job ready for your first day of work in the natural resource field.

  • Green River works directly with local natural resource employers to design relevant curriculum.
  • We manage our own 200 acre forest on campus and incorporate hands on learning into every class.
  • Internships (often paid) and a senior capstone project are part of your degree requirements. Many of these lead to permanent positions.  

"Green River teaches hands-on skills in forestry. I would rather hire students from Green River's Bachelor's degree [program] more than any other four year school."- Local Employer


Cost of Attendance

Earning a Bachelor’s degree has never been more affordable.

The estimated price of attending full-time as a Washington state resident is approximately $2,300 a quarter, plus books and course fees. For a detailed breakdown, visit our tuition and fee chart.

How we compare to other Washington universities:
Annual Tuition and Fees Comparison for Washington Residents

Green River - Bachelor Degree  $7,519.00 
Evergreen State College  $8,051.00  
Western Washington University  $8,508.00
Washington State University  $12,416.00 
University of Washington  $12,297.00 

* Estimated tuition and fees for 2020-2021 for Washington State residents, 15 credits per quarter, three quarters per year.

Employment Outlook

Information on Careers and Earnings

Potential Occupations: Foresters, Conservation Scientists, Range Managers, Natural Resource Manager

Potential Earnings: $27.14 to $30.60 an hour

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