Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the BAS degree in Early Childhood are carefully designed to provide a seamless pathway into the program. Students entering the program must possess an AAA, AAS or AAS-T degree in Early Childhood Education with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better with no single class lower than a 2.0 and have completed of a minimum of 30 credits in Early Childhood Education to include:

  • ECED& 105 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC&115 Child Development
  • EDUC&130 Guiding Behavior
  • EDUC&204 Exceptional Child
  • 5-credit diversity class related to education (EDUC 240 or equivalent)
  • a minimum of 7 credits in practicum/field experience or permission of program director.

Completion of these courses will provide the foundation necessary for successful entry into the BAS in Infant Child Mental Health program.

General Education Components

To complete the BAS degree in ICMH, students must have a total of 60 general education credits, to include: 10 credits of communication skills, 5 credits of quantitative and symbolic reasoning skills, 10 credits of humanities, 10 credits of social sciences, 10 credits of natural sciences, and an additional 15 credits of general education courses.



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