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Creating Peace, Promoting Understanding & Collaboration, Transforming Conflict

The mission of The Peace Institute--an initiative of Green River College, Washington, USA--is to build peace and transform conflict whenever possible.

Our primary role as an award-winning college with students from more than 100 countries, is to facilitate understanding, teamwork and collaboration amongst the student body and those who support them. In doing this we therefore believe also that ‘the world meets here’ and that there is no better place to begin the process of creating peace by working together. Our graduates have been taking this message with them for decades and as a result have contributed mightily to their local communities and to peace and prosperity – here and abroad – as a result. This is especially true of our alumni in the leadership and peacebuilding program funded for the last decade by the U.S. Department of State.

Our secondary role is community outreach with a special focus on building peace through education programs and services aimed at helping things go right, the resolution of campus and community disputes, as well as restorative processes and Sustained Dialogue.

Both of these roles invite us to see that, as the great American Henry Ford said, “Working Together Works”.

When we encounter disputes or serious disagreements, our Conflict Transformation approach is to:

  • Focus on our role in the conflict or dispute – rather than assuming the other party is to blame
  • Be willing to understand underlying causes that resist genuine resolution
  • Consider the negative ways we can sometimes relate to each other
  • Act positively to improve or transform the quality of these interactions
  • Agree on how to sustain this transformation as the key to genuine resolution
  • Understand that ‘Conflict is a Choice’ – and so is Peace
  • Believe that meaningful long-term change results from this approach to conflict

We welcome you to join our group of volunteers in the creation of peace and the resolution of disputes in our communities.

- The Leadership Team at The Peace Institute

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Director, The Peace Institute at Green River

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