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The Peace Institute (PI) was established under the aegis of Green River College on September 25, 2013.

It is associated with the 30 or more other US colleges with peace programs - with the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC - and organizations such as the National Association for Community Mediation and the National Peace Academy.

Our educational program includes professional development workshops for students, faculty, staff and the general community. The certificates in peace and conflict transformation and in collaborative leadership offer the possibility of advanced credit in award programs for those interested in this option.

In close cooperation with the Dispute Resolution Center of King County, mediation training and services are focused on the creation of peace and the transformation of conflict in our local communities: especially in school districts, colleges and law enforcement departments in the cities of South King County.

In achieving our mission and delivering value to our students and to society at large, we welcome the advice and assistance of community members, city and county administrators and those committed to improving relationships through peacebuilding.


"The Culture Change - Resolving Conflict workshops provided helpful frameworks to analyze relationships on all levels, and the clear diagrams and practical worksheets helped me convert knowledge into action." -Dr. Vivette Beuster

"I have a new set of tools that I have already used to start improving my relationships with others. I am particularly grateful that almost all of my colleagues are going through the same workshops because we now have a common understanding of how to be responsive to each other (if we choose to)." -Dr. Vivette Beuster

"The Culture Change - Resolving Conflict workshops based on the Arbinger approach is truly a life style and absolutely life changing. It can be applied to any aspect of life; with colleagues and personal relationships and friendships. I feel so blessed and grateful to have been able to participate and to be 'out of the box'!" -Emilee Findley

"I found the Culture Change - Resolving Conflict workshop series to be very eye-opening in regards to the way we relate to others, both in the workplace and in our personal relationships. It has provided me with valuable insights that I know have already begun to change the way I think about others, as well as to provide tools to help keep me out of the 'box'. I would highly recommend this training." -Cindy Card

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Director, The Peace Institute at Green River

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