Dispute Resolution Services

The Peace Institute and the Dispute Resolution Center of King County

Green River Peace Institute (PI) and the Dispute Resolution Center of King County (KCDRC) have formed a collaborative partnership to provide dispute resolution services and mediator training and certification in South King County.

The Peace Institute is delighted to be associated with the non-profit Dispute Resolution Center of King County which has provided affordable mediation and conflict resolution services since 1986. It is committed to extending its reach into South King County and to working with its colleagues at Green River to provide services to the local community.

KCDRC’s professional volunteer mediators help resolve more than 1,000 disputes a year. Using volunteer mediators ensures services are affordable, so more citizens have access to low-cost resolution services.

The partnership between KCDRC and the Peace Institute offers:

  • In-take services for mediations, telephone conciliations and problem solving
  • A pool of experienced certified volunteer mediators
  • One of the state’s largest and most respected mediation training programs

Volunteer mediators are trained to assist in resolving the following types of disputes:

  • Family matters such as divorce, asset division and parenting plans.
  • Neighborhood problems involving noise, animals, parking, property lines, lawn and garden care.
  • Business-consumer issues involving repairs, incomplete work, unmet expectations and warranties.
  • Landlord-tenant problems with security deposits, cleaning, rules, disagreements, unpaid bills or rent.
  • Foreclosure mediation helping homeowners and their lenders explore possible alternatives to foreclosure.
  • Eldercare issues with care facilities, decision about aging parents and estate distribution.
  • Organizational conflict within nonprofits, businesses or faith-based organizations.
  • Workplace conflict involving management, employees or co-workers.
  • Cross-cultural issues involving cultural practices and beliefs.

Training Programs

To support our community mediation and peacebuilding services, training programs are offered throughout the year at Green River’s Kent campus.

Mediator Practicum & Certification

Those successfully completing the Basic Mediation Training program are eligible to apply for entry to the Mediator Practicum required for the award of a ‘Certified Mediation Practitioner’ certificate. Completion of the KCDRC practicum may also be used toward fulfillment of the requirements of the ‘Certificate in Conflict Transformation’ from Green River Peace Institute. This latter certificate requires the completion of two additional courses.

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