Mediator Certification

The Peace Institute (PI) utilizes a co-mediation model in which each session is facilitated by two mediators, at least one of whom is an experienced certified mediation practitioner. To become a certified mediation practitioner, in addition to completing the basic training program, requires a supervised practicum involving observations and co-mediations in addition to a paper-based test and a practical demonstration of competence.

After successfully completing the 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training program, graduates are eligible to apply for entry to the Mediator Practicum required for the award of a 'Certified Mediation Practitioner' certificate. Places are limited and the overall process is managed by the King County Dispute Resolution Center (KCDRC), with the assistance of Green River colleagues.

Successful completion of the KCDRC practicum – and certification as a mediation practitioner –may be used towards partial fulfillment of the requirements of the ‘Certificate in Advanced Conflict Transformation’ from Green River PI. This certificate requires the completion of two additional 8-Hour courses which are described under the ‘Anatomy of Peace and Conflict Transformation’ section on this website.

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