Joint Service Transcripts

Evaluation Procedure for JST military transcripts

The receipt of JST transcripts

  1. Students request an official transcript at to be sent to Green River College.
  2. JST will send an email to Green River College that a transcript is available on line (
  3. Green River College will download the transcript, scan it into our official transcript system (N:\enrollment services\Official Transcripts) and print it.
  4. The transcripts arrival is recorded on SM 4015 “Student Quarter Comments”.
  5. The student’s name and transcript information is added to the transcript evaluation data base. G:\ES\Records\RecordsV2K1 in Table: Translation Current
  6. The printed transcript is then sent to the appropriate transcript evaluator.

Translating the JST Transcript

  1. All JST transcripts are evaluated without a “Transcript Evaluation Request” (TER) form, the evaluation is processed based on the student’s program code.
    1. If the student is new and has not registered for the current quarter, the evaluator will use the Stu Prg Appl code on SM 2001.
    2. If the student is currently enrolled the evaluator will use the program intent code on SM 700A.
  2. The evaluator will look up each ACE Identifier listed on the JST (G:\ES\Records\RecordsV2K1 in Table : JST Translation Table and grant college credit accordingly.
  3. The credit is then entered into SD 3005 “Transfer-In Transcript Courses”
  4. The translation completion is recorded on SM 4015 “Student Quarter Comments”.
  5. A total number of credits earned through JST is added to SM 2001 “Transfer Col Credit” bucket, not to exceed 90 credits. This will change the student’s registration date for the next quarter.
  6. An email is sent to the student’s Green River College email informing them the evaluation is complete.

Table: JST Translation Table

  1. The translation table is maintained by the evaluators.
    1. New ACE Identifies are added as each JST is evaluated.
    2. Credits will be determined by the evaluators and any faculty that are attached to a specific program.

Other College Transcripts

  1. All other official transcripts must be sent to the record office.
    1. A “Transcript Evaluation Request” form is required, in order for other college transcripts to
      be evaluated.