College Success

English and Reading Assessment

Placement in English and reading can be determined through an online assessment called College Success.

Assessment Details

  • Photo ID required
  • Test Fee: No fee for Green River students (must have student ctcLink ID number). Non-students pay $10 per test
  • Time: untimed, plan to allow 1 to 1.5 hours to complete
  • Mode: computer based
  • Process: Go to to request testing from home, or come to the Placement & Testing Center during our open hours

Retake Rules

There is a set waiting period of 1 day, 7 days and 30 days between attempts.

  • Between the initial test and the 1st retake there is a 1 day waiting period
  • Between retake 1 and retake 2 there is a 7 day waiting period
  • Between retake 2 and retake 3, and any additional retakes, there is a 30 day waiting period.


To prepare for the College Success, students are encouraged to

Placement Levels

Placement is available in the following courses with the appropriate minimum score

50-71 TS 062-086* 
72-90 ^ ENGL 097 
91-94 ^ READ 104/ENGL 099 
95-100 ^ READ 104/ENGL 099 or ENGL& 101/ENGL 117 
101-150  ENGL& 101 

^ A score of 72 or higher makes students eligible for the Directed Self Placement assessment for the next higher level course
*International students only: a score of 50-71 places you into IP 098, contact your advisor for registration questions.
** International students only: a score of 72-81 gives you a choice between ENGL 097 or IP 098, contact your advisor to discuss your options.

IEP Bridge students must receive  approval from advisor before taking College Success Reading Assessment.

Directed Self Placement

After receiving an initial placement through the College Success Reading Assessment, students scoring 72 or higher are eligible to take the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) assessment for the next higher level of reading and/or English placement. Students who are eligible for DSP will receive an email at the personal address provided when creating their College Success profile.

The DSP consists of an essay and writing prompt assignment, which are similar to what you might see in the next higher English or reading class. You will read the essay and writing prompt and answer questions about your previous experience with similar readings and writing assignments. You will also answer questions about your study skills and habits. Finally, you will complete a survey about your experience using the DSP assessment. Answer the questions as honestly as possible.

Upon completion of the DSP you will receive a recommendation of which course you should take as well as other options you may choose. You will make the final decision about which class to take and can discuss your options with an advisor during your orientation process.

Requesting Placement Scores

Students who have already taken an assessment and need a copy of their placement scores for use at other institutions may request those to be emailed, faxed, mailed or picked-up in person at the Main Campus in Auburn. Please complete and submit the Placement Score Request form to request scores. Please be aware that placement scores are valid for two years. After two years, the scores will no longer give placement. 

Distance Proctoring

For instructions on taking placement assessments online visit