Prohibited Items

Storage of Prohibited Items while Testing

In order to maintain a safe and secure testing environment and uphold test integrity the following items are not allowed in the testing room.

Please leave any items that you do not need for testing elsewhere or be prepared to store them in the Testing Center lockers, for which you will set your own lock code. 

We reserve the right to refuse any items that have the potential to decrease test security or result in academic dishonesty. Testers who refuse to abide by these procedures will not be permitted to test.

  • Outerwear (coats or jackets)
    • No outerwear can be worn in the testing room. This includes overcoats, windbreakers, down jackets, rain jackets, slickers, and so on. Clothing that is part of an outfit that would typically be worn indoors, including sweaters, fleece, sweatshirts, and blazers, are allowed. If the item has pockets or a hood, you will need to show staff that your pockets and hood are empty
  • Scarves 
    • Scarves are not permitted in the testing room except for religious or medical reasons. In those cases, staff will visually inspect the scarf before you are admitted to the testing room
  • Mobile phones, pagers tablets, or any other mobile electronic devices
    • All mobile phones, pagers, and any other mobile electronic device must be turned OFF before placing them in a locker. Silent and airplane modes are not acceptable. If you are taking an exam for a GRC class and your device goes off while you are testing, staff will create an incident report and send it to your instructor informing them that you violated Testing Center procedures
  • Purses, wallets, keys, and watches
    • Lockers with a user defined code are available for storage of personal belongings
  • Briefcases, backpacks, or bags
    • If the item is too big for the locker, store your phone, keys, wallet, watches, and coat/jacket in a locker. Check your oversized items with staff. Testing Center staff is not responsible for valuables left in backpacks
  • Notes, notebooks, personal scratch paper, study guides, calculators, dictionaries, language translation items
    • Unless specifically allowed by the instructor
  • Eyeglass cases and pencil bags
    • Eyeglasses and writing instruments are allowed. However, eyeglass cases and pencil bags are not allowed
  • Lip balm (such as Chap Stick) and lipstick
    • If you need access to these items, you may leave them with staff at the front desk. You will not be permitted to go to your locker to access your belongings while testing
    • Food and gum are not permitted into the testing room unless you have an accommodation. Use of tobacco products is banned at Green River College. (Drinks with lids are allowed)
  • Food, gum, or tobacco products
    • Food and gum are not permitted into the testing room unless you have an accommodation.(Drinks with lids are allowed)
    • Use of tobacco products is banned at Green River College.