I-Best Nursing Assistant Option

Certificate Requirements and Curriculum

The Nursing Assistant Certificate at Green River College is a one quarter program. Students will get hands-on learning experience and I-BEST support class and are immediately employable after obtaining the certificate.

This program is offered every quarter except for Summer quarter. Summer quarter may be offered if enough students are enrolled. Students will be notified of their class schedule during orientation.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Pass a Washington State Patrol background check
  • Have sufficient CASAS Reading, Listening, and/or Math scores
  • Get the required immunizations

The application can be found here.

Nursing Assistant Certificate Curriculum

NRS A 110 Nurse Assistant Theory (6)

Students learn the concepts and knowledge necessary to provide nurse assistant care. The class covers basic anatomy and physiology, common disorders, and helping patients with basic needs, such as feeding, moving and bathing. This class includes skills of time management, study techniques, stress reduction and critical thinking. 

NRS A 111 Nurse Assistant Skill (4)

Students apply knowledge and the physical skills to provide nurse assistant care in the common campus lab. Students get to practice what they've learned at a local care facility. 

NRS A 127 Safety Aids/CPR (2)

Students study and test for their HIV/AIDS certificate. They learn Professional Rescuer CPR/AED and basic First Aid. 

Total of 12 credits 

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