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Class of 2017 Transfer Record

Year after year Green River international students gain admission to the top 100 universities across the United States and abroad. Students come to Green River for their first two years of university, work hard and then have a number of options when it comes to university tranfer. The class of 2017 transferred to the following universities this year: Universities in bold represent top 100 world universities (ARWU). Italicized universities represent top 100 American universities (US News).

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Student of the Month: Jonathan Santoso - Indonesia

Jonathan Santoso is from Indonesia. He came to Green River in the fall of 2015 and took part in the High School Completion program. He graduated in June 2017 with his high school diploma and his AA degree. He is majoring in Chemical Engineering and transferring to UC Berkeley this fall.

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Alumna of the Month: Uyanga E. Uka - Mongolia

Uyanga E. Uka attended Green River College from 2008-2019 and transferred to the University of Washington. She majored in accounting and then obtained an MBA from the University of Fiance and Economics of Mongolia. She now works as a tax professional with a global mining firm.

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Important Information

In this section, Wendy Stewart, vice president, International Programs & Extended Learning, highlights dates, events, and campus news.

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Photo of Aki Satouchi

Student of the Month: Aki Satouchi - Japan

Aki Satouchi is from Japan. She started out in Intensive English in March 2015 and is now transferring to University of Michigan in the fall 2017. Her goal is to major in International Studies.

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