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What our students like most about Green River College

By International Programs, January 26, 2018

Fall quarter we set up a camera in the Student Union and invited students to share what they like most about Green River College. 

A common sentiment among our students is their appreciation for:

  • The diversity
  • Warm and welcoming environment,
  • Friendships
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Support from faculty and staff. 

The students feel valued and respected for who they are.  Listen for yourself.

If Green River College sounds like a place you would like to start your education, contact us



Recent News

Alumni Story: Gavin Wee, Singapore

March 29, 2018

Photo of Gavin Wee piloting an aircraft

I feel that Green River is a place where students are given a safe place to study, and are given many opportunities to learn, grow and explore. For me, it all started with a dream of being a commercial pilot. Then, I moved to Green River where the academic advisors in the International Programs office helped me craft out a plan to achieve that goal while receiving a good education in the process.

Important Information

March 28, 2018

a photo of Wendy Stewart

Green River College Celebrates 30 Years of International Student Success. Green River’s International Program was established in 1988 when we hosted our first student from Japan. Green River is proud to have generations of successful alumni around the world.

Student of the Month: Amanda Teo, Malaysia

March 28, 2018

photo of Amanda Teo

"Just put yourself out there, because you can find a lot of opportunities here at Green River. Anything that you like, or anything that interests you, you can definitely find something."