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Lansing Bryan

Web and Social Media

I have been with Green River College since 1995. I am the Web Designer and Social Media coordinator for International Programs and also the regional contact for parts of Western Europe.

After graduating from the University of San Francisco, I lived, worked and studied in Europe for six years. I worked for Random Century House in London for four years, and I attended International House in Rome where I received my TEFLA certificate and taught English for two years.

I loved my time abroad. I gained confidence and independence and believe living in a different country is important for every young person to experience.

I have two sons, Alessio 14 and Luca 21. Luca graduated from Green River College two years ago and transferred to Evergreen State College. He participated in Green River’s study abroad program to Australia and New Zealand and it was life-changing for him. Alessio can’t wait until it’s his turn.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to welcoming our international students to Green River. My goal is to help them in any way I can to become happy in their pursuit of excellence.

Regional Contact For

The Netherlands