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Green River College tuition is not included in the program fee.

This is a study program. Students must carry a 15-credit load and are expected to fully participate in all class activities. The courses offered are specially chosen to give participants interesting, valuable and relevant instruction that exposes students to the cultural, history, fauna and geological differences that are unique to Japan.

Course Descriptions

Art Appreciation (5 credits) gives understanding of artworks and styles across time and cultures of the world,with a special emphasis on Japanese art. Introduces the basic elements and principles of art and the media with which artists create through themes such as visual culture, entertainment, technology, nature, mortality and immortality, mind and body, sexuality, and power and politics. Explicit connections between art and daily life will be examined and suggestions for interacting with it will be provided. Tokyo offers an extremely large number of art museums and galleries, which will compliment our classroom education.

Beginning Digital Photography (5 credits) introduces the aesthetic and technical theories and techniques of digital photography. Through classroom instruction and fieldtrips to exciting Tokyo neighborhoods such as Harajuku, Akihabara, Shinjuku and Tsukiji fish market, you will learn about camera and lens operation, memory cards, file formats, exposure, white balance, composition, lighting, creativity and image editing software. You will also visit various Tokyo photography museums and galleries. The course requires a digital camera and laptop computer.

Peoples of the World-Japanese Language and Culture (5 credits) offers an introduction to Japanese society and culture by examining its history, people and traditions. You will engage in critical discussions about the differences between American and Japanese cultures. This course facilitates student orientation to Japan and will provide essential conversational Japanese language skills needed to communicate in basic daily life. Cultural and language activities may include welcome, Halloween, and sayonara parties, a game night, field trips to shrines, temples, museums, pop culture centers and neighborhoods, a school festival, sports festival, food, movies, music and daily interaction with your Japanese student campus attendant friends.

The courses are specially chosen to give interesting, valuable and relevant instruction that exposes students to the cultural, history, fauna and geological differences that are unique to Japan.


Meet the faculty.

photo of Patrick Navin

Patrick Navin

Green River College Faculty - Fine Arts Division

Patrick Navin currently teaches digital photography at Green River Community College. He has his B.A. in Communication and the Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and his M.A. and M.F.A. in Photography from the University of Iowa. He has also studied at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, the Friends of Photography/Ansel Adams Workshop in Carmel, CA, and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Sante Fe, NM. At Green River Community College he has taught Beginning through Advanced digital photography, black and white film and studio lighting classes. He also has served as the Director of The Helen S. Smith Art Gallery and the Chair of the Fine Arts Division. Previous experience includes teaching art history and leading photographic travel workshops. His personal photography has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally.

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Cindy Card

Program Coordinator
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Megan Swanson
Location: IVD 116
Phone: 253-833-9111 ext. 4892

Detailed brochures and applications are available for each program. Information meetings are arranged as needed. Group orientation sessions are scheduled prior to departure.


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